Pump warning label approved for E15

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The White House signed off on a new gasoline pump label that would warn consumers when they are about to fill their vehicles with a fuel blended with a higher rate of ethanol.

The new label means that so-called E15 gas could be available nationwide by the end of September, Reuters reported.

The EPA still has to officially register E15 before it can be sold.

It is unclear how quickly service station owners will adopt E15 gas. They would have to invest in new pumps and separate storage tanks. Many stations will continue to sell E10 gas, which can be used in all makes of vehicles, according to the report.

The Environmental Protection Agency approved raising the ethanol level in gas to 15 percent from 10 percent for newer cars and trucks in January, a move that the ethanol industry and farmers who supply the corn to make the fuel welcomed.

E15 is approved for vehicles built since 2001, but has not been approved for boat engines.

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5 comments on “Pump warning label approved for E15

  1. Bill Lindsey

    Remember this when you are at the polls in 2012. Can we survive four more years of this guy?

  2. Capt Dan

    Just getting the mid west farmers vote! LABELS!!!!!! people don’t read them but don’t forget the other langues that will have to be on them!!!! Looks like we will have to put up a message board on the fuel dock, just for all the warning labels! Come on 2012

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