Vermont congressman wants end to ethanol subsidies

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Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., joined Vermont sportsmen and small-business owners at a Lake Bomoseen press conference Thursday in calling for an end to ethanol subsidies.

“It simply doesn’t make sense for taxpayers to continue subsidizing a mature and profitable industry, especially at a time when congressional leaders are proposing drastic cuts in fuel assistance, student loans, high-speed rail and Medicare,” Welch told the website “I’m also hearing from Vermonters that ethanol is damaging the engines to boats, chainsaws and lawnmowers. It is high time we end this unnecessary subsidy.”

Barbara Woodard, of Woodard Marine, was among those at the press conference.

“Ethanol means that people who have the older equipment spend more money to maintain it,” she said. “This is one more barrier for families that want to head out and enjoy the water.”

Welch is a co-sponsor of the Repeal Ethanol Subsidies Today Act (H.R. 1188), which would terminate subsidies to the industry.

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6 comments on “Vermont congressman wants end to ethanol subsidies

  1. Canvasman

    “It simply doesn’t make sense for taxpayers to continue subsidizing a mature and profitable industry…..”
    Has this been said about big oil? I don’t understand why any fuels are subsidized in the first place.
    Ethanol does not damage engines. It damages the gaskets of vehicles that are not
    Made to run it.

  2. boatguy


    Gaskets are part of an engine…….gasket failure on an engine can cause lean running and piston failure or simply a fuel leak……either way it is an engine problem also!

  3. Jim

    The water that is inherent with methanol certainly damages engines, including, injectors, fuel pumps, which can be very expensive to replace. The corn mega industry doesn’t deserve any subsidies anyway.

  4. Butch

    Ethanol was a bad idea to begin with: it reduces a valuable world-wide food supply, there are high costs to produce it, it reduces mileage, and it gives the oil industry another lever to control energy.

  5. Canvasman

    You’re right boatguy. That was not my main point anyway. If people run ethanol in the vehicles that are intended to run it there aren’t problems.
    I don’t think any fuel should be subsidized in the first place.

  6. Capt Brett

    It’s great to see that someone in the ‘D’ party is fighting to end this subsidy that should have never happened in the first place. E-10 is bad news and it must go away.

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