VIDEO: ‘Treadmills for shrimp’ targeted in budget cuts

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Amid all the talk in Washington, D.C., about what should be cut from the federal budget, the Beltway’s largest lobbyist, AARP, recently released a television ad saying the deficit could be reduced by getting rid of “treadmills for shrimp.”

Although the research grant costs $560,000 for these athletic shrimp — a drop in the federal budget bucket — the video posted on YouTube provides quite a laugh.

Click here to watch a shrimp try to keep pace on a moving underwater treadmill.


8 comments on “VIDEO: ‘Treadmills for shrimp’ targeted in budget cuts

  1. Mariner1

    It must have been a Republican grant that only went half way. They got the treadmill, but forgot the 3 pairs of Nikes reguired for each shrimp. Underwater treadmills are slippery.

  2. Marilyn DeMartini

    Not sure why AARP spends time and money on such topics when they could be looking into Big Pharma, the American Medical Association and Medicare abuses. We should be getting all the morbidly obese Americans on treadmills instead of shrimp! Cutting fraud from Federal programs would cut far more than $560,000.

  3. Avery

    Yeah, a Republican thing. Keeps some people employed. The Democrats would have them on unemployment.

  4. Mack4

    Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) is bringing to light what the National Science Foundation is doing with govt. dollars. AARP just jumped on the bandwagon. Sen. Coburn is an MD, and he didn’t mention anything about treadmills for the obese.

  5. Tamara Dean

    **We should be getting all the morbidly obese Americans on treadmills instead of shrimp!**

    Really? Why are fat people the “in” target for barbs these days? Did we run out of politically incorrect subjects?

  6. Ray Freez

    Yea, you can make shrimp run on a treadmill, but try to get the people who need it to do it is a totally different matter. Great way to spend $$ we don’t have also.

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