Sea Ray cuts jobs at Tennessee plant

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Sea Ray Boats laid off 17 people on July 14 at its operation in Forks of the River Industrial Park in East Knox County, according to an announcement from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development reported in the Knoxville News Sentinel.

“These recent actions are the result of the traditional ebb and flow of the boat business. To continue to effectively manage the marine pipeline, our overall strategy further reflects our plan to ensure that our dealers have the appropriate levels of inventory to meet seasonal demand and to gain market share,” Brunswick Corp. spokesman Dan Kubera told Soundings Trade Only in an e-mail.

“Our 2011 pipeline management plan will continue to reflect quarterly changes in inventory levels resulting from seasonal demand factors and our strategy to move towards more of a ‘pull-model’ from our dealers,” he added.


10 comments on “Sea Ray cuts jobs at Tennessee plant

  1. Jim

    Sea Ray and Brunswick in denial, they still have not admitted the Marine business is not coming back like they tell dealers.

  2. DJinNC

    I know that plant and have visited it several times. In my opinion the workers there are some of the best in the industry. My best to those layed off. Spokesperson comments aside, the reality of what is happening in the marine industry sure seems in opposition to some of the other reports we continue to hear.

  3. boatman

    from first hand experiance you should hear what they tell the employees, who are directed to tell the dealers all is ok. We are told are jobs are good, until you come in one day and 16 of you and your fellow employees are laid off. Usually within the same 30 days. There is no locally to employees anymore and we will not be on track again untill someone gets that. Sadly the investors hold the cards, not the employees.

  4. santana

    Lucky its only 17 ! I lost my marina in Va in 08 , haven’t worked in 32 months ,boating may very well be a rich mans hobby as in the past . We had 24 charter boats and a seasonal adv. of 3000 launches on 2 ramps , the gas crisis did us in after barely surviving Isabel then Ernesto .

  5. Andrew

    Of course a non essential item, or luxury as some prefer to call it, is in limbo as long as our government cannot get their house in order. When people have no confidence in the government or the economy, the boating market is going to be soft.
    Press our legislators and government to become accountable, get the situation in hand as businesses must do and do not let Wall Street run rampid as they did in the past. In a relatively short order the confidence will improve, the economy will improve and in the long run, there is more security in jobs.

  6. compact45

    The manufacturers are in big time cover up mode. The employees and reps of the boat companys are commanded to say everything is great…If they dont and the top brass get wind of it their gone.

    In the real world for the people that are in the trenches everyday we all know things are bad and not getting better any time soon. With the new model year ordering season coming on the manufactures are not going to get the orders as they are not needed at the dealerships considering the lack of new boat buyers. People are getting out of boating so the consignment business is strong right now.

    Maybe we should start manufacturing used boats…at least those are selling fairly well.

  7. john ennis

    Brunswick is like the “pea and Shell” game at a carnival. Now you see them now you don’t. In this case the peas are employees.It will be interesting to see what new tactics manufacturers use to force products on dealers who can’t sell what they already have.

  8. Curtis

    It is only going to get worse. Don’t mean to a pesimist but we are not even close to getting out of this messy economy. Layoffs will continue to happen throught all industries not just boating.
    Stash you cash and not in the banks.
    Have a nice day

  9. George Morfiris

    How could you offer free publicity to Mr Cubera’s statement?This is an insult to your reader’s intelligence!Enough of this executive PR BS!

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