Senate bill offers funding for Gulf Coast restoration

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The Restore the Gulf Coast Act of 2011 was introduced last week in the Senate.

This bill directs funding to the Gulf of Mexico region to help revitalize coastal communities and improve fisheries habitat and data collection, according to the American Sportfishing Association, which supports the measure.

“The combination of the biological impacts and the public’s perception of the extent of those impacts caused severe economic harm to the region,” noted ASA president and CEO Mike Nussman in a statement. “We applaud the senators for their leadership and urge Congress to move swiftly to pass this legislation which will help bring back the local economies and allow us to restore habitat and better understand the Gulf’s fisheries and their habitat.”

The Restore the Gulf Coast Act allocates funds equally to the five Gulf Coast states for ecological and economic recovery, and establishes the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council to develop and fund a comprehensive plan for the ecological recovery and resiliency of the Gulf Coast.

The act also establishes an endowment that includes funding for needed fisheries stock assessments and ecosystem monitoring.

Click here to view a fact sheet of the bill.


4 comments on “Senate bill offers funding for Gulf Coast restoration

  1. fins

    Everyone is against government assistance, unless of course they are the ones receiving it.
    Why isn’t BP paying for this, and, doesn’t that fund that the President made BP set up cover this?

  2. SUP Left

    BP was but one devasting event befallen the states along the Gulf of Mexico.

    The record-breaking hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005 when several severe storms, including Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, pushed ashore wiping out a hundred years of progress in Florida, Alabama, , Louisiana, and especially along the Mississippi coastline, the states along the Gulf Coast were hit with crippling weather destruction.

    Then Hurricane Ike resulted in two tsunami walls of rushing water that washed away a huge section of the Texas coastline.

    British Petroleum’s disaster of the Deep Horizon and the millions of gallons of crude that flooded the Gulf of Mexico is the catalyst of several years of destruction along the Gulf Coast. Yes, BP is responsible for their part, but so is the United State responsible for helping in the recovery of this five-state region. After all, we, as taxpayers, deserve a return on our investment.

  3. Gordon Schwarzer

    A point that is forgotten in this rush to throw money at a problem. The
    economy was already in the tank when the BP accident happened. Fuel
    prices had risen and the public had started cutting back on vacations, travel etc. How does this money program help anyone, these are the kind of expenditures Congress should be cutting back on. If the Federal government would get out of the way and stop with all the new regulations
    the business’s and people will take care of the problem. That is unless you
    have Marxist leanings.

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