Evinrude marks milestone as FLW sponsor

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Evinrude is celebrating a decade as a primary corporate sponsor of FLW Outdoors, the company announced.

“Evinrude is proud of its long-standing relationship with FLW Outdoors — the pre-eminent organization in tournament fishing that continues to expand the sport to new audiences, anglers and regions,” Christopher Berg, director of marketing and strategic planning for Evinrude, said in a statement. “From tournament-ready engines to world-class pro anglers, Evinrude supports tremendous assets in the fishing arena, which are fully leveraged through our partnership with FLW Outdoors.”

As part of the agreement with FLW Outdoors, Evinrude’s sponsorship rights include national TV and magazine advertising opportunities, naming rights for regular-season bass and walleye tournaments and exclusive access to FLW web properties for promotional content.

“Evinrude is one of those rare iconic brands that evoke powerful memories and fierce loyalty from its customers,” FLW Outdoors operations division president Kathy Fennel said in a statement. “We are proud of our long association with the Evinrude brand and, in particular, the last 10 years with BRP. With the tremendous products that BRP brings to market, the next 10 years promises to be even better.”

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