Attendance drops at Norwalk show

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norwalk_0927Attendance was down at this year’s Norwalk (Conn.) Boat Show because of rain and the threat of inclement weather all weekend.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association, which produces the show, said 15,095 people attended the event, which was held last weekend. That’s a 29 percent decline in attendance from the 2010 show.

Despite the drop, exhibitors reported solid sales and leads from the four-day, in-water show, the NMMA said.

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4 comments on “Attendance drops at Norwalk show

  1. Jim

    I’m sure it’s more than just the weather. How about the economy? We keep hearing that “it’s going to turn around” but I really don’t see how with world wide conditions as they are. The industry needs to take off the rose colored glasses and be realistic.

  2. ted degarmo

    I could not agree more, jim has it right. this industry is in big trouble, revenue is down by 80percent at our marina.

  3. Tim

    We all can agree we are not going to the same show we were 5years ago and do not see that in the near future. The Marine Industry needs a jump start. Boats shows in the past where a machine, selling 100’s at shows…now your lucky to sell 10 boats for the entire show. Norwalk needs to think outside the box. Empty docks & tents are just embarrassing. If they offered a brokerage dock that would allow dealers to bring clean late model boats would make it more appealing. Gaining more local builders, by offering discounts and getting a % if there is a sale. There are a ton of RI and NJ builders that did not have a presence at all. For the tents, it was a sad site this year with only one tent again and plenty of empty booths as well. Cost of booth is pushing 2k, that a lot of $$ when selling rescue tape…. In the end the show can get better but people still need to buy. Our economy needs a big push.

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