Electric-boat builders tout recent sea trial

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An international collaboration of marine and technology companies say their latest boat project, the fully electric 23 eFusion, topped 47 knots in recent sea trials.

Goldfish Boat, founded in Norway, and Fort Lauderdale-based ReGen Nautic USA displayed the 23-foot vessel in August at the Norway Boat Show and last weekend at the Monaco Yacht Show. Goldfish also is planning to show its projects at the Fort Lauderdale and Miami boat shows.

goldfish“We are opening sales on the 23 eFusion this autumn, and in two years time I expect as much as 20 percent of our boats to be powered with all-electric systems from ReGen Nautic,”  Goldfish founder, CEO and builder Pål Sollie in a statement.

The 23 eFusion is powered by a 145-kW permanent magnet brushless electric engine built by UQM Technologies of Colorado. The engine has roughly the power of a standard marine 200-hp internal combustion motor, according to the company, which says the boat can tow a water skier for as long as an hour on the power equivalent to about a half-gallon of gasoline.

Click here for the full press release and click here for a video of the sea trial.

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