Family’s drowning lawsuit includes boatbuilder

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Family members of two people who drowned last spring during a boating outing on San Diego Bay for people with special needs filed a lawsuit Thursday against the boat’s manufacturer, the captain and the foundation that sponsored the event.

The lawsuit contends that the boatbuilder, MacGregor Yacht Corp., should have posted warnings limiting the number of people who could be on the boat at any one time.

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5 comments on “Family’s drowning lawsuit includes boatbuilder

  1. Butch

    The vessel owner assumes all risk and the “captain” is the responsible party for the safe operation of the vessel. The boat builder should not be sued for complying with the rules at the time of manufacture. Perhaps they should add the NMMA to their list of defendants.

  2. captdee

    I totally agree with Butch. The boat builder should not be responsible for the stupidity of a individual. If you read the entire article it states that the boat had water ballast. Having raced against sailboats with water ballast, I would bet money that this was only a 25′ boat. And the captain should know better than to have 10 people on this boat. Especially physically or mentally challenged individuals. Everyone on the boat should have had a life jacket on in this situation.

  3. Jade

    Two people are dead, their family greiving, the Captain’s career and reputation destroyed, a worth-while charitable foundation possibly ruined. I don’t think anyone should be celebrating, even the conservative/right-wing nuts.

  4. Rod

    The vessel in question was 26′ long. I’m sure that Roger Macgregor included a “max persons” rating somewhere in the owner’s manual, but whether or not he did, it is the SKIPPER’S responsibility to limit the number of persons on a boat to what the boat can safely handle, commonsense tells you that this boat was overloaded for the conditions, and I seem to recall that the water-ballast tank was empty… which would seriously reduce the stability of the vessel.

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