Florida lawmaker wants to junk ethanol standard

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Matt Gaetz, a lawmaker in the Florida House of Representatives who represents portions of Okaloosa and Santa Rosa counties, wants to get rid of the state’s ethanol mandate.

He wrote a column Wednesday in the Northwest Florida Daily News on the topic.

“When my time in the legislature ends I’ll always be proudest of the outdated, burdensome and sometimes downright silly laws and regulations I fought to repeal,” Gaetz wrote. “One prime example is the Florida requirement that gasoline sold in our state contain between 9 percent and 10 percent ethanol. I hope to scrap this requirement during the upcoming legislative session.”

Click here to read Gaetz’s column.

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3 comments on “Florida lawmaker wants to junk ethanol standard

  1. Pistol Pete

    This shoudl have been done long ago. Not only is it a financial
    burden to gas stations to carry different grades but does a
    number on not only marine engines but 2-cycle lawn equipment
    as well. Kudos to Matt Gaetz!

  2. Selah

    I have done test with ethanol and non ethanol gas and find that the 9 or 10 percent really cost us more, I can pay the extra for non ethanol gas which is aobut 10 percent more in price and get 12 percent more out of the preformance of the machine. On the road I have done this through mileage in the same vechile in the same conditions and on the same road and the highest I got was 15 percent more mileage. To me I don’t see where we are saving any gas when you put in the ethanol and burn that much or more fuel to do the same job. Seems to me that the math says you are using more gas than you are attempting to save. You most certianly aren’t saving money.

  3. Rick

    Hey guy’s come on there’s good money in that road gas with ethonal used in boats. There’s towing, carberator repair, fuel pump replacement, fuel tank replacement (on older boat’s), and don’t forget the deteriation of the fuel lines. All joking aside the stuff is bad news for boats stored anywhere near the water. Between phase seperation and octaine reduction when stored the stuff needs to just go away.

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