Government accuses Bass Pro of discrimination

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Bass Pro Outdoor World rejected thousands of qualified black and Hispanic job applicants and retaliated against employees who believed its practices were discriminatory, the federal government alleges in a suit filed Wednesday in Houston.

The suit stems from a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by a white manager at the Bass Pro Outdoor World store in Katy, Texas, who alleged that she was fired when she complained to her boss about mistreatment of black job applicants and employees, the Houston Chronicle newspaper reported.

The subsequent investigation led federal officials to believe that the alleged practice of failing to hire members of minority groups for hourly or salaried positions was a nationwide pattern in Bass Pro’s 55 stores.

The agency launched an inquiry in 2007 against the Springfield, Mo.-based sporting goods and apparel company that led to the class-action lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court in Houston.

Larry L. Whiteley, communications manager for Bass Pro, said the company never comments on ongoing litigation.

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7 comments on “Government accuses Bass Pro of discrimination

  1. John

    ‘cmon, it’s hard enough for anyone to get a job at Bass Pro, I’ve been trying for years.

    I don’t think they discriminate, they get so many applicants that they can screen out any undesirable traits and cherry pick the people that they want.


    Bass fishing has long been a white dominated sport and Bass Pro is a big part of it. Be interesting to see if Uncle Sam can land this fish.

  3. boatman

    I worked there in management and while I could not blatantly see it, I was aware there was some “concerns” after I was hired and when I made some associate moves that HR did not like and once they realized I would go against the grain a bit on my decisions, I was singled out, witch hunted and fired along with my assistant manager. HR runs Bass Pro and does a horrible job, but it is the way Johnny wants it. They are making money, so who is going to argue. Other then HR, it would have been one of the best places I had worked at but I do believe the suit has merits

  4. Government Solution

    I hope that some day soon all this federal regulation quota regarding sex, sexual preference, and race is eradicated. This is not the purpose of government and never was

  5. Dave Wick

    This is America… you should be able to hire the person of your choice and if you prefer not to hire some people….. the government should stay out of it !!!!!

  6. beachwalker

    Hey Mr Wick, We are hiring! Unfortunetly we don’t hire anyone named Dave. It’s just something about that name we don’t like… 🙂

  7. Brett shields

    I hope Johnny get his rear handed to him. This company abuses their dealers. Their warranty dept fails to pay their dealers for repairs. I am out over $12,000 for repairs made to Mako 282 transoms. As a 32 year Mako dealer it saddens me that BPS would ruin such a fine product.

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