Larson holds annual dealer meeting

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Larson Boat Group unveiled 50 revamped models within its Larson, Triumph and Striper lines at the company’s recent dealer meeting.

“It was a great to see the welcome our factory team gave the dealers when they got off the bus to tour over half a million square feet of facilities, ride the new boats, plan their business and share a meal with our boatbuilders,” Larson Boat Group executive vice president and COO Mike O’Connell said in a statement. “We were really proud to present the new improvements and new models that we are confident will translate to strong sales in 2012.”

More than 400 employees, dealers and vendors from across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East attended the three-day conference at Larson’s 52-acre headquarters in Little Falls, Minn.

The meeting’s “Selling the American Dream” theme revealed upgrades and additions to the Larson line and enhancements to the Striper line. Triumph introduced new models and features.

The company also presented plans for a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes new websites that are fully recoded and mobile-friendly; a social media strategy; online customizable POP; and a new iPad app that will be available for the 2012 boat show season.

In addition to retooling and re-engineering boats, Larson has introduced 20 new models in the last 18 months.

“Bringing so many exciting and innovative new models to market shows Larson’s commitment to rebuilding how the world goes boating,” Larson chairman Irwin Jacobs said in a statement. “I’m confident that we’ll continue to push the envelope with even more new products because our dealers know that new sells.”


12 comments on “Larson holds annual dealer meeting

  1. sandbag

    If “Selling the American Dream” means filing bankruptcy and hosing your vendors and partners out of over $100 million dollars and causing them to shut down is the dream then I as long as everyone else should want no part of it.

    Notice the name Fincraft is missing. Apparently that joke is finally over.

    Anyone doing business with this ego-maniac who can do no wrong is out of their minds.

    Congratulations Irwin on your consignment boat business.

  2. jpd3

    Get over it! let the builders in Little Falls do what they do best. The bankruptcy is in the past. You got burned, but not by these people.

  3. Sucker

    So, anyone else being contacted by the bankruptcy court wanting warranty money back that was paid within 90 days before the June 1st filing? New dealers, take a hard look, I got burned for almost 40k by Genmar.

  4. Broke

    What do you mean “not by these people” ? You don’t think its the same Genmar folks running the show, same guy who owns the company, let me guess, is your name Irwin?

  5. ReelFax

    Irwin jacobs did not cause the last recession. He simply got hit off guard by it like everyone else. He had done everything he could to get through it and he had the courage and determination to start over, saving hundreds of jobs. Thanks Mr. Jacobs

  6. wilbur

    Rest assured it is nothing but Irwin and his loser cronies.
    The COO mentioned in this article has followed Irwin around for years. It is all smoke and mirrors. Loser management with a loser product.

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