NMMA joins court appeal of E15 ruling

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association, and its partners in the Engine Products Group, filed suit this week in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule outlining a gas pump warning label as well as other misfueling controls for gasoline containing up to 15 percent ethanol.

This rule, which was released in June, also included a denial of the Engine Products Group’s request that the EPA ensure the continued sale and availability of gasoline blends no greater than 10 percent ethanol because retailers that are not prepared to offer both E10 and E15 may opt to offer E15 only.

The NMMA filed a separate suit last December in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, challenging the EPA’s partial waiver approving E15 for certain model motor vehicles.

E15 was approved for cars that are model-year 2001 or newer. It has not been approved for marine engines, but the NMMA is concerned that the EPA has not taken steps to reduce the chance of misfueling.

For example, the gasoline warning label the EPA approved is written only in English, no consumer education campaign is being conducted and the EPA is not requiring any physical misfueling controls.

The Engine Products Group also filed a motion of abeyance, which asks the court to put a hold on this most recent misfueling petition until the original legal challenge on the partial waiver is resolved, the NMMA said.

In addition to the NMMA, the Engine Products Group includes the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, the Association of Global Automakers and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.



4 comments on “NMMA joins court appeal of E15 ruling

  1. It's a Gas

    Has anybody – – I mean anybody – – heard of any solid
    reasons for putting ethanol in gas?
    Neither have I.
    Why can’t the government get the message??

  2. banjoman47

    Follow the money. Always follow the money! Thanks to EPA the Ethanol (read: corn) lobby has become a multi-headed monster. We can only hope that the next election will bring people back into power that will curb this insanity! When you do some…any… research into the production of ethanol, it doesn’t take many brains to figure out the energy equation here. And have you gone to the grocery store lately? Checked out what a box of cereal costs?

  3. Capt Philip Topps

    Why can’t government get the message? It is simple, I’m sure your question was rhetorical; they, collectively, are a group of profoundly egotistical control freaks. They do no longer relate to the “real world” because they no longer inhabit it, being denisens of “inside the beltway” where fiction is reality, and stupidity is wisdom (Think Orwellian thought in 1984)
    Seriously, it is, as another writer related “follow the money” Ethanol, solar (Think Solyndra) wind power (which COULD be effective, if we could harness all of the hot air generated in foggy bottom) are all lies.
    They may be useful as ALTERNATIVES, aptly named, but they will NEVER produce enough energy to replace fossil fuels, PERIOD.

  4. outboardmanXP150

    Mr.Cain was right Thursday night, fire all the EPA. Putting ethanol in fuel is just plain stupid. Corn is food, not fuel for cars or Marine usage. Just another point that shows Gov’t is out of touch with the people. We have all the resorces but can’t drill for oil here on out own soil.

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