Larson Boats wins Minnesota leadership award

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Larson Boats, part of J&D Acquisitions, was recently named “outstanding enterprise” by the Initiative Foundation.

Since 2000, the foundation has been presenting Initiative Awards honoring outstanding leadership and community service in central Minnesota.

Winners receive a specially commissioned, recycled-glass sculpture and $1,000 for the charity of their choice.

The foundation noted that Larson “has been an economic cornerstone and a symbol of Minnesota manufacturing for decades, but the economic recession impacted the recreational boat industry so deeply that it was on the brink of closing its doors. This would have been a crippling blow to the local economy, especially in the wake of the Crestliner and Triton Boat plant closings.”

In 2009, the foundation partnered with four other lenders to provide emergency financing that saved 170 quality jobs, it added.

“Today, the employees have led the company to a slow but steady turnaround by retooling its product lines and focusing on higher-end consumers,” the foundation said.


4 comments on “Larson Boats wins Minnesota leadership award

  1. Am I the Crazy One

    What were these people smoking? Any business that has gone through bankruptcy and screwed so many people and other businesses should be called anything but an “economic cornerstone”. What a joke. Again, this company, and I’m starting to think this country… well, words escape me.

  2. sven

    The Initiative foundation gave the company a rediculous amount of money after the Genmar bankruptcy….go figure.

  3. you got to be kidding

    They surely are kidding. Must be like applying for college loans for your kid (FASA). The more turmoil the better chance you have to get the handouts. If that is the case they sure picked the right company. So glad to see that Irwin is right back in the thick of things….oh what about him having money to lend for dealerfloor planning. Maybe he can get some of that cash to Volvo…. I am just saying….

  4. sven

    “They re-tooled for the upper-end consumer” Bet I can write the last chapter of that book…I just wish I had the money that they spend in tooling chasing their tail.

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