VIDEO: CMD unveils new inboards in Lauderdale

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volks1101FORT LAUDERDALE — Cummins MerCruiser Diesel showcased a pair of its new TDI 4.2-liter diesel inboards at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, marking the beginning of its business relationship with Volkswagen. The German engine company is now manufacturing the 4.2-liter V-8, which carries a 350-hp rating, under the CMD brand name.

Volkswagen is also manufacturing — and marinizing — 1.9-, 2.5- and 3.0-liter diesels for CMD at its plant in Salzgitter, Germany. The 1.9-liter is an inline 4-cylinder engine with a 40- to 75-hp rating; the 2.5-liter, an inline 5-cylinder engine, has a rating of 55 to 165 hp; and the 3.0-liter V-6 is rated from 225 to 265 hp.

Click play to watch Chris Wachowski talk about the models.

The twin-TDI (turbocharged direct injection) diesels were mounted in a custom-built 37-foot center console from Statement Marine — the same boat that recently attempted to break the New York-to-Bermuda Challenge record but failed because of weather conditions.

“Volkswagen is going to be an outstanding partner with the technology they have and the performance of their engines,” said Kevin Grodzki, Mercury Marine president of sales and marketing and commercial operations.” The scope and scale that they have as a manufacturer and a partner is going to change the industry. And with our distribution and service network, that technology will be brought to a much wider base.”

Potential applications could include twin 4.2-liter engines installed in vessels as large as 40 feet, including express cruisers and sportfishing boats, according to CMD. The 350-hp engine also could find its way into large runabouts. Additionally, the diesels in the CMD lineup could be candidates for trawlers and sailboats.

The EPA Tier 2 diesels push the Statement Marine vessel to a top speed in the low 50-mph range, said the owner of the boat, Chris Fertig, who was running it for media representatives at the boat show. Pricing information was unavailable.

— Chris Landry


5 comments on “VIDEO: CMD unveils new inboards in Lauderdale

  1. Jim

    V-type diesel engines take up too much space in a boat so are very difficult to work on. I don’t think the manufacturers will like that. How many times has VW tried unsussively to do marine engines? VW will be at least the 5th diesel engine builder that I remember MerCruiser using. What was the problem with Cummins?

  2. Jim

    As someone who has been around a lot of modern diesel engines and is very impressed by their ability to make a lot of power out of a litre of displacement, I must say I am very septical about the claim of getting 350 HP out of 4.2 litres. High claims almost always come from using non standard fuel (not generally available), lower than normal fuel or ambient air temperatures, higher than realistically usable rpm or out and out lying.

  3. enginecom

    These are direct replacement for small and big block gassers using half the fuel and lasting significantly longer. I don’t think the V8 configuration is going to be a problem for gas repowers and OEMs. The biggest problem will be the price as this engine is probably going for about $30k. Compared to carbed gas engines its about 2-3x. Compared to the new outboards is close and to the new cat equipped EFI V8 gas it will be close. For a new install or single repower to a boat worth repowering these will be attractive. Cummins had problems with durability with the Italian VM based models. VW has a much better reputation for diesels. Their closest competitor will be Volvo.

  4. Chris Fertig


    Having run these engines for more than 120 hours, including a grueling 26 hour Bermuda Challenge World Record attempt, I can honestly say that they are heads and shoulders above any other marine diesel engine I have ever seen.

    Here is a link to the prop curve for the TDI 350 engines:,%20BC9533.pdf

    At the bottom of the prop curve data the test conditions are listed including a 77 degree air tempature, Number 2 Diesel Fuel, and 30 percent relative humidity. Most importantly, the peak torque depicted on the prop curve is shown at 2250 RPM, right where you need it most.

    I choose these engines for TDI Clean Diesel as they have the highest power density, by far, of any engine in the class. Compared to the Volvo D6, they are almost 700 lbs lighter!

    When 14 foot seas 350 miles offshore forced me to turn back from my first Bermuda Challenge World Record Attempt, I came to really appreciate the reliability of this powerhouse propulsion package. I ran my TDI 350 engines for 26+ hours straight, as hard as I could push them, and they didn’t miss a beat.

    One of the most impressive aspects of these engines is the near instantaneous power they produce throughout the RPM spectrum due to their twin variable geometry turbochargers. I can be cruising at 30 knots and when I put the throttle on the pins, it will suck you back in your seat.

    You need to experience the engines in operation to fully comprehend their performance and I would like to extend an invitation to you to come out with me on TDI Clean Diesel for a demo ride at the Miami Boat show so I can show you in person. The boat will be at the Sea Isle Marinia Venue on the northernmost docks and I will make sure to get you out on a ride.

    Best Regards,

    Chris Fertig
    Captain TDI Clean Diesel

  5. Albert

    How would these engines perform in a Bertram 38 widebody?
    Currently powered by twin cummins 555 diesel turbo’s 315 hp each!

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