Mercury Marine plant in Oklahoma set to shut down

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This is the last week of production at the Mercury Marine plant in Stillwater, Okla.

In 2009, Mercury Marine announced it was closing its Stillwater facility, putting 380 people out of work, reported.

The closing follows a union dispute in 2009 with the company’s plant in Fond du Lac, Wis. After the union rejected concessions the company had sought, Mercury Marine announced the Wisconsin operation would move to Stillwater and its non-union plant.

However, the company then gave union members in Wisconsin another voting opportunity and they agreed to the concessions. Mercury then announced the Stillwater plant, which has been open nearly 40 years, would close.

The plant will officially shut down on Dec. 22.

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8 comments on “Mercury Marine plant in Oklahoma set to shut down

  1. Fred Glass

    So once again, a union wins out and 380 non-union workers in Stillwater, OK pay the price.

    Unions have ruined this country’s ability to compete with foreign manufacturing.

    Eventually, Mercury Marine will tire of their crap and move their production accross the border into Mexico.

  2. john ennis

    This is Mercury’s way of saying “Happy Holidays” and a damm good reason to join a union no matter where you work

  3. Chris Foster

    Well, no good deed goes unpunished! The Oklahoma workers negotiated with the company in good faith only to be used as a bargaining tool by Mercury in their negotiations with the Wisconsin union. I wouldn’t blame anyone in Oklahoma if they never bought another Brunswick product as long as they lived! What goes around comes around. Sooner or later Brunswick will reap the consequences of their actions.

  4. Matt

    Sad day. Thanks to all our friends at MerCruiser for all they did over the years and good luck in whatever their future holds.

  5. john ennis

    If the Stillwater workers had a union they might still have a job. Don’t like what happened. Neither do I and one way to fight is to boycott Brunswick and its companies. This nation no longer has the back bone to do it.

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