Nautique rolls out all-electric model

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Nautique announced its first fully electric wakeboard boat with the Super Air Nautique 230 E.

Its first viewing will be Feb. 11-19 at the Detroit Boat Show in the Silver Spray Sports Nautique dealership exhibit. The boat will make additional appearances at Nautique events throughout 2012.

The Super Air Nautique 230 E contains two automotive electric motors that provide all of the power necessary to meet a boater’s needs. Combined, the two electric engines offer 160 kW of peak output, the company said. Like the Ski Nautique E, the electric motors connect through a transfer case to the propeller shaft of the boat, producing performance worthy of the Nautique brand.

The Super Air Nautique 230 E is equipped with lithium-ion batteries with an available storage capacity of as much as 78 kilowatt-hours.

“I am incredibly proud of our team and our partners, LTS, for making this new all-electric Nautique a reality,” Nautique president/CEO Bill Yeargin said in a statement. “Since the debut of the Ski Nautique E a year ago, our goal has been to produce an all-electric wakeboard boat that has the performance boat owners expect from a Nautique, along with Nautique’s extraordinary quality, innovation and industry-leading technology.”


4 comments on “Nautique rolls out all-electric model

  1. Peter

    This is just stupid. It doesn’t matter who did it, Epic/CC/etc – but it does not make any sense. The cost is out in left field. The usable usage time is nothing, and uncompensated for by it’s long recharge time. The replacement cost is extraordinary and the life cycle is miniscule. There are ways to be fuel efficient and “green” if that’s the goal, in much better ways than this, unless its just a promotional piece like many concept cars.

  2. enginecom

    I would be more impressed if they installed a new lightweight fuel efficient diesel in one of their boats instead of electric. From the article I calculate at WOT the charge would last less than half hour. At 75% speed the prop load would be about half or an hour of operation. Still a rather short day of skiing. On the other hand a diesel would use about half the fuel of a gas boat if the weight was kept low. A small volume of fuel would last all day. B100 would work as well and count as renewable.

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