Regal featured in Honda road-test video

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VehiclesTest Publishing recently announced the release of its new video road test of the Honda Ridgeline, which features the Ridgeline towing the Regal 2300.

The video is being distributed to Honda auto dealers nationwide for use on their websites, inventory pages and in e-mails to sales leads, and the 2300 is also featured in the company’s new video test of the Honda Pilot.

“It’s great to have an opportunity to feature Regals with vehicle buyers. Many boaters like to travel to different rivers and lakes with their boats, and these vehicles are proving they can handle it,” Regal’s Paul Kuck said in a statement.

Click here for the full release.


2 comments on “Regal featured in Honda road-test video

  1. james smith

    3980# dry weight boat standard engine, around 1000# trailer, Atleast a couple hundred pounds for optional tower….oops, over 5,000# and that’s before fuel and any other options and gear!

  2. Bpante

    If you are going to tow a boat like that with a Ridgeline you will need 2 trucks. One to go foward and another brand to go in reverse. Honda did not design in the wiring to disenguage the surge breaks when you back up. Take it from a very unhappy Ridgeline owner. If you plan on towing get a different truck.

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