State sues Florida marina over wastewater treatment

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Florida environmental officials are suing a Monroe County marina and seeking tens of thousands of dollars in fines over permitting and paperwork issues related to a wastewater treatment facility.

Cross Key Marina, a 20-slip private marina on the northern tip of mainland Monroe County in Manatee Bay, has failed to legally operate its 5,000-gallon wastewater treatment facility since Sept. 10, 2008, according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s lawsuit, reported.

The marina failed to hire someone to operate the facility since Jan. 11, 2011; conduct health and safety samplings of treated wastewater; submit quarterly reports to the DEP; and pay $2,000 in fines due by July, according to the lawsuit.

The DEP wants a judge to fine the marina $10,000 for each day it was not in compliance — the maximum penalty, according to the lawsuit.

Former marina owner Doug Hurst said he had been “going back and forth” with the DEP for years over the wastewater treatment facility, which he said was installed in the late 1970s.

Hurst said he lost the marina in a November foreclosure, meaning the new owner is the bank, Evans Financial Services. Monroe County Clerk of Court records indicate that the bank became the owner on Nov. 21.

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3 comments on “State sues Florida marina over wastewater treatment

  1. Magnus

    Yeah…no. Government going after the banks who have the money, to finally get a major violation fixed that the owner/business ignored for years. When it is a private business owner, especially one in financial trouble, DEP generally works with them, and the fines are token at best unless there is obvious and willful malfeasance. Do YOU want a poorly run water treatment plant at a MARINA spilling untreated sewage into your water?

  2. redbw

    Since the bank took it from the owner, then the bank should have their feet held to the fire to clean up the water treatment plant. If they didn’t want the responsibility, then the bank should have walked away and signed over a Quit Claim deed to the marina owner. Foreclosing was the option the bank chose. These days, banks are famous for foreclosing and then dumping the properties on the county taxpayers to maintain or tear down. In this case, the taxpayers will have to repair a facility that the bank should be paying for since they now own it.

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