FCC proposes suspension of LightSquared network

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GPS supporters are praising the Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to suspend LightSquared’s effort to create a wireless broadband network and suspend indefinitely the carrier’s authority to operate a land-based network.

The FCC issued a conditional waiver last year that would have let LightSquared operate the LTE network in its licensed frequencies, as long as it didn’t interfere with GPS. However, tests showed interference between the two networks.

“The FCC has acted appropriately by declaring that its non-interference condition has not been satisfied and that LightSquared will not be permitted to move forward with its proposal to build a nationwide high-powered terrestrial network in the mobile satellite band,” said the Coalition to Save Our GPS, a LightSquared critic, in a statement on Tuesday, according to a PCWorld report.

LightSquared and Philip Falcone, whose Harbinger Capital funds the carrier, slammed the FCC proposals but hold out hope for a solution that would let the network go forward, according to the report. In a statement, Falcone said this decision was a political one driven by special interest groups and called for “rational public policy” to keep the plan alive.

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One comment on “FCC proposes suspension of LightSquared network

  1. Captain Tom

    Yes – “special interest groups” like the ones who actually depend on clear and uninterupted GPS to insure their safety and the safety of others.

    These money grubbers only see dollar signs – made at the expense of global navigation safety and putting others at risk.

    For once the FCC got it right. Let’s all hope that politics don’t make GPS go the way of LORAN and send us all back to the days of sextants, noon sights and DEAD reckoning.

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