VIDEO: Host of new offerings set to debut in Miami

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Cabo, Tiara, Grady-White, Boston Whaler – they’re some of the boatbuilders set to unveil new product at the Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show. In addition, the Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach will provide another venue for the industry to display its offerings.

Both shows open Thursday and run through Monday.

The 24th annual Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach takes place along a mile-long stretch of Collins Avenue, where yachts from builders such as Marquis, Viking, Sessa and Cranchi, as well as superyachts from some of the world’s foremost builders, will be on display. For the first time, the show will feature PassageMaker magazine’s TrawlerPort, a show within a show for trawler enthusiasts.

Click play for a video preview.

Some of the new models being introduced at the Yacht & Brokerage Show include the Fairline Squadron 50, Marquis 630, Viking 66 Enclosed Bridge and Bertram 800. Cranchi’s 58 Fly Bridge and 40 Soft Top will make their U.S. market debut at the show.

Show-goers will be able to obtain information and navigate the show with Show Management’s free MyBoatShow app for the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

The Miami International Boat Show takes place at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center and Miamarina at Bayside (the Strictly Sail component). Some of the boats being introduced include the Grady-White Freedom 335, Boston Whaler 315 Conquest, Chris-Craft Launch 32 and Corsair 36, and Contender’s first bay boat, the 25 Bay.

Engine manufacturer Yanmar will introduce its EOS — Easy Operation System — which consists of a joystick helm control, a new V-8 engine and twin sterndrives with counter-rotating propellers. All three components are Yanmar products, and the package will be powering two boats at Sea Isle Marina — the 38-foot Novurania Chase RIB and a 40-foot Nor-Tech performance boat.

A new line of Seakeeper gyroscopes for small boats also will be introduced. You can see how it works on a 39-foot Intrepid, also at Sea Isle Marina. And Raymarine and FLIR will demonstrate their CHIRP sonar and new thermal-imaging technology on a 32-foot Jupiter center console.

The NMMA also offers a free app for navigating its show.

— Chris Landry

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