Brunswick announces job cuts at Sea Ray plant

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Brunswick Boat Group laid off about 65 employees last week at its Flagler Beach, Fla., factory, which builds Sea Ray boats and other brands, Brunswick Corp. spokesman Daniel Kubera confirmed today.

That accounts for more than 15 percent of the work force there, which totaled 420 before the layoff and has now dropped to about 355.

The layoffs were part of the “ebb and flow of the boating industry, as we are continually adjusting our production to better match demand in various industry segments,” Kubera said in an e-mail.

The boat segment of Brunswick Corp. posted a 1 percent increase in sales in the first quarter and had its first profitable first quarter since 2007, but sales of larger boats have remained a challenge for the industry. Local news outlets reported that Sea Ray builds larger boats at the Florida factory.

Chairman and CEO Dustan McCoy said during the April earnings call with investors that “one category” was operating at a loss, but he did not say which one.

“The boating industry as a whole remains stable, with smaller-boat demand generally running ahead of that for larger boats,” Kubera said.


4 comments on “Brunswick announces job cuts at Sea Ray plant

  1. Boat a/c guy

    i guess quality is not a concern anymore,just like the contender I’ve been working on to straighten out factory mistakes.Ceo,managers salaries are more important.

  2. Curtis

    Someone told me the economy was getting better, NOT.
    Oil prices up, dow dropping like a rock, people are still getting laid off all around the country and we are going to add high speed rail to Las Vegas. Maybe the laid off workers can move to California to help build it.

  3. Marine Surveyor "T"

    The day I got laid off at Viking Yacht Company, one DAY after obama’s election, the reason given was “The new president isn’t a friend of the marine industry” I answered that “the new president isn’t a friend of ANY industry”
    Boats are, obviously, a luxury item, and in this failing economy, discretionary money is hard to come by. The industry will not make a large recovery until the economy makes a significant gain. I see this in my surveying business. This year, to date, I have half the number of boats surveyed than I did at the same time last year. The reason” FUEL PRICES are the most commonly cited reason folks who are on the fence about the purchase opt out.
    Why are gas prices up? The hostile administration policy TO DO NOTHING in regard to utilizing our own natural resources, as opposed to continuing to be slaves to countries whose governments hate us.
    Thanks, Barrrrry!!!!

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