Divers find body of TowBoatUS captain

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Divers recovered the body last week of a 38-year-old TowBoatUS captain from Cape Cod, Mass.

John Redler was a licensed captain, working most recently as a subcontractor for TowBoatUS, according to the Cape Cod Times.

“I understand he had just finished some tows and the weather wasn’t that good,” said Dan Carpenter, another Cape Cod-based towboat operator with TowBoatUS.

In February, Redler and his wife, Juli Collins-Thompson, settled down near the Cape after their son was born. The couple had spent two years sailing the Caribbean on their 47-foot cutter, Lucky Escape, after Juli, a former banker, was laid off, and John, a real estate broker, had enough of the rat race.

Shortly after 8:30 a.m. on May 16, divers pulled Redler’s body from his vessel, the 29-foot Triple J, five hours after he radioed the Coast Guard that the boat was taking on water. Divers from the Wareham Fire Department found the boat submerged about three miles south of Hog Island Channel, according to the Coast Guard.

“Ending a search like this is a hard outcome to accept,” Lt. Brian Hall, command duty officer at Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England, said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with his family and friends.”

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5 comments on “Divers find body of TowBoatUS captain

  1. enginecom

    I have a connection down there and the scuttlebutt was the CG screwed up. Aparantly they first thought it was the tow that called but it was the tow boat. Then they had the local harbormaster go out who found the boat in a short time. An investigation of this should be done and those responsible should be fired. The moral of the story is you need to be able to save yourself and not rely on others.

  2. Camille Goudeseune

    An accusation this strong and this public deserves more than scuttlebutt as evidence.

  3. BoatGeek

    All published reports say that the Coast Guard dispatched 2 or 3 boats. There was also another towboat that heard the call and responded immediately. Coast Guard boats were first on scene but it was the Wareham harbormaster that found the boat, probably because he had to pass right by it on his way to the area all the other boats were searching.

    The commander on scene may have been reluctant to call in local aid in smaller boats due to bad weather. The towboat should have been equipped with a DSC capable VHF which would have given the coast guard an exact location, but no such signal was received.

    Regardless of how the coast guard responded, the boat went down fast enough to trap the captain inside. Recovery in that weather would have been much too dangerous so unfortunately the outcome would have been the same.

  4. Mike Tellex

    Apparently enginecom’s “scuttlebutt” was nothing more than just irresponsible spreading of rumors that do not benefit anyone and fortunately though making the “spreader” to be the irresponsible and unprofessional fool they are.

  5. JT

    All of the posts here have incorrect information. It is very irresponsible to start rumours for an event as tragic as this. I am not sure how “enginecom” lives with himself/herself. This kind of false information only has the impact of upsetting friends and family.

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