California drops copper-paint-ban bill

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Recreational Boaters of California supports a decision by state Sen. Christine Kehoe (D-San Diego) to abandon a bill that would ban the use of copper-based antifouling paint.

“In all probability the bill would have resulted in a ban on the use of copper-based hull paints by recreational boaters,” RBOC president Cleve Hardaker said in a statement.

Kehoe opted not to pursue SB 623, legislation that she authored.

The RBOC said Thursday that it has been actively lobbying to have the bill tabled. In September the group worked to delay action on it while continuing discussions with marine, environmental and other stakeholders.

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One comment on “California drops copper-paint-ban bill

  1. enginecom

    CA has been looking at this ban for a while. It’s a good thing that they are not going to institute it as this time. What we normally see is these bans end up on the East coast in a few years. The use of copper as a biocide has been the method of choice for what a thousand years? To ban the use for recreational boaters leaves them with little alternatives than to haul and wash them frequently. Here in our state the regulators have literally banned pressure washing of hulls as hazardous requiring containment. Recently there have been increasing regulations on recreational boater that really puts a damper on the marine industry. With the weak economy we can only hope for a recovery. I am sure if we have a new POTUS in November things will look better for our industry.

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