Brokerage sales drop in June

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U.S. yacht brokers sold 3,402 boats in June after selling a five-year high of 3,518 in May.

June’s total also was 1.3 percent lower than in the same month last year, when 3,448 boats changed hands, according to reports from member brokerages in their proprietary database,,

The total value of all boats sold in June was $309 million, a decline from May, when the total valuation was $330 million, and from June 2011, when it was $410 million. Most of the difference from 2011 can be attributed to $78 million less value from sales in the superyacht (over 80-foot) category.

Overall powerboat sales in June were nearly flat, compared with sales in June 2011, as 2,838 boats were sold, versus 2,842 a year earlier. Sailboat sales fell by 6.9 percent, as 564 boats were sold, compared with 606 a year earlier. However, the value of sailboat sales stayed level at $45 million and the month’s large decline was seen in the value of powerboat sales.

For the first half of the year, U.S. brokerage sales volume remained ahead of 2011, with 16,028 boats sold, up 4.2 percent from 15,381 last year. The total value of boats sold was down 6.7 percent, to $1.74 billion, from $1.86 billion.

— John Burnham

Dominion Marine Media editorial director

A more detailed report summarizing recent U.S. brokerage sales will appear in the upcoming issue of Soundings Trade Only.


2 comments on “Brokerage sales drop in June

  1. Jack Pillsbury

    I think there is a great tendency in this country to micro-analize data. Many factors can cause slight shifts in sales from the end of one month to the begiinning of another, which month had five weekends, which month had more rainy weekends, one or two superyachts closing a week late or a week early can change the numbers signifigantly. A slight downward tic after a record breaking month is to be expected. A rolling average might be more accurate. Still the numbers are not bad, overall the trend still seems on a slightly upward trend. Although we are not at peak levels, and the totals do not show margins or profits, I think we are learnig to do business in the current ecomomic environment and are making progress.

  2. Jim Glus

    Mr. Pillsbury’s comment is dead on in more ways than one. Data of all types are being over analized and what’s more important is how we deal with it. We tend to get wrapped up reading all this data and it winds up controling what we do in our own businesses when it may not have anything to do with our personnal markets or business plans. Bottom line, pay attention to your own back yards and concentrate on what affects YOUR bottom line. What a market is doing or not doing half way across the country should not drive your companies plans. That said, in my 25 plus years in the industry, June has always showed to be a slower sales month.

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