BUI crackdown set for Lake Lanier

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Georgia law enforcement agencies are joining forces with the state Department of Natural Resources in an effort to crack down on drunken boating on the Atlanta area’s Lake Lanier, where two boys were recently killed in an alleged drunk boating hit-and-run accident.

The Boating Safety Initiative will combine resources from Gwinnet County Police Department and the Georgia DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division to deal with the problem of boating under the influence on Lake Lanier, according to information on the Lake Lanier website.

The push comes after a pontoon was hit last month by a boat operated by a man charged with operating under the influence, killing 9- and 13-year-old brothers.

Another case on Lake Lanier in April left one dead and another seriously injured.  As a result of that accident, Georgia DNR charged Steven Brent Parker, 32, with homicide by vessel, serious injury by vessel — both felonies — BUI and reckless operation of a vessel.

Conviction on both felony counts carries maximum sentences of up to 20 years in prison. According to a DNR release, Parker was operating a ski boat that collided with a pontoon before midnight April 21.

“With limited budgets and personnel numbers, our two agencies have created an innovative way to increase the number of patrol boats and law enforcement officers on Lake Lanier,” said Col. Eddie Henderson of the Georgia DNR. “Police officers will be paired with rangers in DNR patrol boats. This will allow us to put more boats on the water year-round for high-traffic weekends, holidays and special events.”


2 comments on “BUI crackdown set for Lake Lanier

  1. Don Richards

    Drinking and Boating is as dangerous as drinking and driving a car on the highway. I have lived on a curve for 33 years and we have had about 180 accidents on this curve. Almost every accident has been late at night involving drivers that were drinking. Pilots usually have a drink after the flying, and boaters should do the same, have those alcoholic drinks after the boating is over for the day. If a boater drinks he should be responsible enough to have a competent non-drinker drive the boat. Lake Lanier is so crowded it is important for everyone’s safety to be very cautious and very courteous. This also goes for drugs. When a day of fun turns into tragedy, it spoils the fun for everyone.

  2. Bill

    While safe boating is wanted by all I hope Lanier doesn’t end up with the over regulation our lake suffers from.

    USCG, State DNR and the county local law enforcment agenies all pour on the lake every weekend with relentless no causation stops with many boats being stopped up to four times a day. When non revenue is produced then subjective tickets start coming out being reduced to $5 fines with $85 manditory court costs to enhance low county budget revenues.

    New manditory education, gas prices and law harassment. Lets go boating!

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