Ebbtide Boats sold to Chinese company

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The company 321 Capital Partners LLC announced that it completed the sale of fiberglass sportboat builder Ebbtide Corp. to a privately held Chinese investment company.

Ebbtide, based in White Bluff, Tenn., builds fiberglass sportboats and recreational boats at a 150,000-square-foot facility.

“Selling your company that you have been operating for 44 years is bittersweet,” Ebbtide president and former owner Tommy Trabue said in a statement. “There comes a time when you need to transition yourself to a different position. Ebbtide has been my life all these years, and I am proud of our record of designing and manufacturing excellent boats.”

Finding the right person to pass our legacy on to was extremely important to me. The new owner of Ebbtide is a Chinese businessman and entrepreneur that plans to build our brand name here in the U.S. and Canada, as well as developing Ebbtide into a global brand,” Trabue said in the release. “He will strengthen the company financially and provide leadership and vision to build the company for the future. He offers an excellent opportunity for all of our employees to grow in his international organization, both here and China. I am pleased that I will continue working with the company as the future unfolds.”

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18 comments on “Ebbtide Boats sold to Chinese company

  1. Hawkeye

    I worked with Tommy and Ebbtide for close to fifteen years and he is an owner that took pride in building the best quality boat possible and taking care of his people. Good luck in the future with this new chapter to the entire Ebbtide family in White Bluff, TN

  2. don starnes

    Congratulations, Tommy Dale Moore has always touted you as being one of the best businessmen in the boat business. Surviving in the boat business over all these years prove Dale to be totally accurate. Best of luck to you in the future. Don Starnes…Remember Shoreline?

  3. Gary L. Potter: VP

    Tommy and staff:

    Our congratulations and best wishes to you and the new owners. You have worked hard to build a great company and we are happy for you.

    Best to you all

    EZ Loader

  4. Rick Richert

    I wish you well Tommy. You worked hard to build your business and now you can enjoy your Porsch collection.

  5. cpt.kman

    Glad to see that all of your years of hard work have paid off. You can proudly say that you are a handful of manufactures in the marine business that have survived from the ’60s, under the same ownership, to the present. Hope the new owner will be a great care taker of your excelent business. Maybe now you can spend a little more time with one of those lovely Porsches.

    Jim Rand
    Blue Springs Marine

  6. Stan

    Congratulations. What? You built the business over the past 44 years – and not Obama or the government? That’s not what he says.

    Time to get out of the country anyway. Best wishes!

  7. Saddened American


  8. Hemihydro

    Well, It hurts me to see an American Business sell to the Chinese ! They are going to own us all and the U.S.

  9. Dean Waite

    Everyone at Trade Only offers our best wishes for you as you take the next step in a great marine career. Sorry to see you go, but it looks like you have taken very good care of your brand and employees while setting yourself up to spend more time with your other passion. Take good care, Dean.

  10. Jack White

    Congratulations to a good friend. I rememember the day you got in the business, you came an visited us at Fabuglas boats. Jack White Procraft/Astroglass boats

  11. John Coats

    I guess it’s time for all of us to slow down a bit. I enjoyed the time we spent together. I know you took a lot of time to decide who and when to sell. I hope you stay in touch with the industry you help build.

  12. Mick

    Good intentions on the direction of the company by the new owner? Let’s just say glad you are happy with your decision to bow out, but the rest of us who own Ebbtides- and have American Pride, aren’t as happy. I am glad I have one of the last real Ebbtide boats before changed hands. But seriously, the boat I bought from a Tenn based company, USA made, now is tarnished. Might as well sell Harley and Covette, too.

  13. joel

    just bought a 20 year old ebbtide campione 180
    it is a great solid boat and I am really happy with it
    it looks great on the grand river in Caledonia Ontario Canada

  14. Les Horton

    I worked in the Fiberglass industry for fifty eight years. I remember well when Ebbtide started the boat building company at White Bluff Tn. I was a Quality Control Tech. in the mat Department at Ferro Fiber Glass Co. There were a lot of Boat companys around Nashville at the time. Astroglass, Winner, Fabuglas. The list goes on and on. Most are gone now as every other Manufacturing. I’m glad Ebbtide helt on as long as it did.
    I think they made a top quality product.

    Happy Retirement
    Les Horton

  15. Big Red Boat

    What ever happened to Ebbtide Boats after sale to the Chinese investment company. They were great boats but now can’t find a dealer selling them in the Midwest and website still lists 2014 catalog. Is the TN factory closed?

  16. Dave Haab

    As a 25 year long Ebbtide dealer I am saddened to see The company I loved sold to the Chinese.I know Tommy gave this a great deal of thought and feels like he has done the right thing for the company and maybe he has but I just don`t feel the same way about about Ebbtide as I did.Somehow I don`t feel I can sell these boats with the same pride as I did.Maybe it will all work out fine but I don`t think so.When you go to the website you can click to get the text in Chinese on their 2014 lineup.What`s up with that?

  17. Fred Pennell

    Hope things will work out for people like me! I need a new winshild for my boar, tried to call my contact ( Richard Anderson ) using Ebtide”s number in white bluff TN, no answer
    Please if someone could give me a call at 901 487-3124

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