IYRS hands out student scholarships

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The International Yacht Restoration School awarded six scholarships to students entering the school’s full-time programs this fall.

The majority of the scholarships are new awards and are the direct result of the school’s aggressive push to build its scholarship offerings and open more opportunity to qualified candidates.

In 2011 IYRS set an ambitious goal of raising $4 million for scholarships during the 2011-2015 period.

“Many of our most talented applicants are challenged financially to pursue their career goals,” IYRS president Terry Nathan said in a statement. “Merit-based scholarships recognize their talent and provide the essential aid that facilitates their education at IYRS. We are, thus, very thankful to the donors that make these merit scholarships possible.”

The recipients range in age from 18 to 46 and bring diverse educational backgrounds and life experiences to the school.

The IYRS offers full-time programs in boatbuilding and restoration, marine systems and composites technology.

Here is a list of scholarship recipients for the fall 2012 term:

IYRS Craftsmanship Scholarship: Holden O’Brien, Providence, R.I.; Marine Systems Scholarship: Evan Lamphere, Hopkinton, R.I.; Van Beuren Charitable Trust Scholarship for Fine Craftsmanship: Oliver Dennis-Bale, Newport, R.I.; Marine Trades Scholarship for Women: Cynthia Tufts, Taunton, Mass.; Hope Goddard Iselin Fund: Audrey White, Andover, Mass.; and Antique & Classic Boat Society Scholarship: James Delaguila, Jersey City, N.J.

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