Marlow outlines the future for its new lines

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Marlow Acquisitions owner David Marlow wants to make clear his intention to lift Hunter and Mainship to the next level.

In an email sent to Soundings Trade Only, Marlow said that process will begin with the assets it has accumulated in talents and history, “minus the onerous financial conditions that stifled creative thinking and passion for one’s handiwork.”

Hunter Marine president and chief restructuring officer John Peterson and the Hunter team has done well holding the pieces together under trying times and now it is time to look forward, Marlow wrote.

“As to the future, it is our intentions and mission statement to bring Hunter-Mainship fully fledged into the Marlow Group of companies, using the unique and proprietary methods that we have either developed from original thought or re-examination of the mantra, ‘We have always done it that way,’ ” Marlow wrote.

“Though I am quite sure that my belief in vertical integration, where practical, would fail today’s Harvard business model, the marine industry does not fit that rigid model of presumed efficiency,” Marlow said. “Though Hunter-Mainship have demonstrated efficiencies able to compete with the best European examples, it is my intention to weave a bit more American craftsmanship into the composite that elevates the perceived value without significant cost increase or loss of that efficiency.”

“I believe that our assets worldwide can provide those ingredients at acceptable costing levels and I believe that the bright minds at Marlow-Hunter and Mainship can determine how to blend them without unacceptable cost penalties,” Marlow said.

Though American industry has been “decimated by a somewhat lackadaisical approach to offshore competition,” it is Marlow’s firm belief that there is a new horizon.

“We see no option other than to engage on a global scale, as that is the pathway of the developed world and we cannot change its course,” Marlow wrote. “With committed people and continuous thought we are confident that we can compete on any level, be it Alachua [Fla.], America, Europe or Asia.”

The court approved the sale of the operating assets of Hunter Marine Corp. late Tuesday night and “selected assets” of Mainship Corp. and Luhrs Corp. to Marlow Acquisitions LLC, according to a letter the company sent Wednesday to Hunter dealers.

— Reagan Haynes


6 comments on “Marlow outlines the future for its new lines

  1. Chris Foster

    Does this mean that Marlow intends to continue building the Mainship Trawler line?

  2. john peterson

    First, I am not the owner of Hunter Marine, the major stockholders are the Luhrs Brothers. However, I am the President and have been working as Chief Restructuring Officer for the Morgan Group to get all the assets sold and recover as much money as possible for the unsecured creditors while at the same time attempt to create a future for the employees and the dealers alike.

    Upon closure of the transaction it is the intent to move the molds/tooling of Mainship (and Luhrs) boats to the Hunter facility to assess the timing when to start to manufacture those lines again.


  3. Sailboatsails

    The Hunter dealers here in the Midwest have had a very tough time moving product. One has to wonder how long this down turn will
    effect this industry? A wise man once told me to always sell high end
    products, They always sell well in a good or Bad economy. In tough
    economic times the Folks with cash tend to buy Quality high End..
    I must admit I never saw Anything that the Luhrs Group produced rise to the Level of “High End”. So I’m not surprised by this Filing at all, and expect that since Hunter will be paying much higher prices for raw Materials, The price’s will rise, Ad monies will be tight, and unless
    China wants more Hunters I suspect more bad news from this Mfg…

  4. Mark Tilley


    I hope you are well. You may recall that I worked for you in sales in the UK with Stephen. I am sorry to hear of the recent problems at Luhrs and hope that things can be turned around with Marlows intervention.

    John, I now have a small company in the UK producing dinghies in plastic. I remember seeing Luhr’s large vacuum forming machine (In New York State I believe) used for forming the Hunter dinghy range. As part of the asset sale is this machine available – we may be interested?

    Hopefully you can let me know

    Thanks John


  5. Jack Lahr

    Can the Gemini community expect any public statements about the continuity of production, status of warranties and claims, parts and service, possible details on plans for design and production changes?

  6. Wayne

    New fuel efficient designs would surely bring buyers back to the show rooms.

    If hunter marine produced something other than junk it would also be of help in the restructure. Construction, materials, and SAFETY!

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