NMMA West born from trade group merger

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association outlined its merger with the Southern California Marine Association, including taking over production of SCMA boat shows.

With the integration, which received a 94 percent approval from SCMA voters, SCMA and its members will be a part of the NMMA under the newly formed NMMA West, according to a statement.

The NMMA will take on all of SCMA’s assets, maintain SCMA staff in its existing Southern California office and produce the San Diego Yacht & Boat Show, Long Beach Yacht & Boat Show and Los Angeles Boat Show, beginning with the San Diego show, which takes place July 26-29.

“Our industry has undergone dramatic changes over the course of the past decade, and NMMA believes in staying ahead of these changes to ensure we’re able to continue doing what’s right for recreational boating,” NMMA president Thom Dammrich said in a statement. “By bringing SCMA into NMMA, we’re confident we’ll be able to improve how we position the industry for growth — in Southern California and throughout the U.S.”

SCMA members who were not already NMMA members will receive three years of paid NMMA membership as part of the integration. To guide the specific needs of its new members in Southern California, a dedicated board of directors will be formed and will report to the NMMA board.

SCMA’s integration with NMMA comes on the heels of its decision to open associate NMMA membership to boat dealers, retailers and distributors as it adapts to an industry that increasingly requires all segments to work together to be successful.

“We’ve been looking for ways to improve offerings for members of SCMA and reignite the recreational boating industry in Southern California — the integration with NMMA was a natural move to help achieve these goals,” NMMA West executive director Dave Geoffroy said in a statement.


4 comments on “NMMA West born from trade group merger

  1. Sol Cal Sailor

    The best move by NMMA will be to get rid of Dave Geoffroy who has alienated many people including other boat show producers in California, small mom & pop stores, and the media. What has he done, but produce lousily shows with decreasing attendance. Maybe, NMMA will not be in just for the pay check but for the industry and boaters?

  2. Havasued

    Let me get this straight, SCMA members (what’s left of them) get three years of pre-paid NMMA membership out of the deal and the NMMA gets “all of SCMA’s assets” (about $2 million in cash and real property) plus all future revenue generated from their boat shows. Remind me not to have SCMA negotiate any deals for me thank you.

  3. Also a So Cal Sailor

    Agreed, the best way to help reignite the recreational boating industry in Southern Cal would be to keep SCMA as far out of the picture as possible. I hope NMMA isn’t paying anything for SCMA. This is truly a mercy merger as SCMA is DOA. Hopefully NMMA can get the job done.

  4. member and involved

    Seems like a smart move in these difficult times. The charge for the Board of Directors of the SCMA was to promote the marine industry. As the industry contracted, the investment of manufacturers in shows in CA declined and the financial burden of these shows fell upon the dealers. SCMA underwrote the shows for the past few years to insure dealers would have a venue to meet customers and present their products. The cost to the Association could not continue through the next decade, so this move insures that the members of the SCMA can have better and stronger shows to promote their products. Makes sense to me!

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