Drought has some hoping for a hurricane

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The nation’s widespread drought shows no signs of relenting, causing more than one boat dealer to wish in desperation for a hurricane.

“In Phoenix itself it’s hurt us because you just don’t go out on a boat when it’s 110 degrees,” said Mark Friedrich of West Marine in Phoenix. “[On a recent day] it was 116 degrees; you can’t do anything outside and it’s very, very dry. That part hasn’t really affected us because it’s the same every year; it’s just been really hot this year.”

Many West Marine stores had been doing quite well because of the heat, Friedrich said, but by early August Soundings Trade Only was unable to find any boat dealers in the hot and dry areas that weren’t negatively affected.

Rod Malone, of Sail & Ski, which serves most of central Texas with three locations from the I-35 corridor south of Waco to Corpus Christi, has experience with drought.

All 254 counties in Texas faced extreme drought conditions last year and this is the central part of the state’s fourth year of drought, Malone said. Most of Texas has recovered from extreme conditions, but the central part of the state continues to struggle.

The San Antonio store has been up about 15 percent, Malone said, and the other stores are down about that much.

“San Antonio’s major reservoirs have had the benefit of some rains that we didn’t get in central Texas,” Malone said. “We’re just hoping for a hurricane.”

Mark Huey, general manager at Ted’s Aqua Marine in Indianapolis, agreed.

“We’re still 6 inches behind,” Huey said. “It takes a lot of time to make that up. We need around 7 or 8 inches of rain. We need a hurricane.”

Click here for the U.S. Drought Monitor.

For a full report on how the drought is affecting the U.S. marine industry, see the September issue of Soundings Trade Only.

— Reagan Haynes


6 comments on “Drought has some hoping for a hurricane

  1. AnonymousBob

    “Hoping for a hurricane”?!
    “We need a hurricane”?!

    Are these people really that stupid? I really hope Karma isn’t reading Trade Only today! Jeez, why not just be a little more sensible and ask for an extended period of steady rainfall, instead? I do NOT want any hurricanes because that’s like trying to hit a home run at every at-bat. A steady diet of singles will score runs just like steady rain will fill the reservoirs. The collateral damage of a hurricane isn’t worth it.
    I understand the need for rain, but just be careful how you ask for its delivery. Mother Nature can give you a nasty surprise otherwise.

  2. PH

    On behalf of those of us that live in coastal areas, clearly these folks have never experienced a hurricane and the utter devastation that they cause. Now please return to your air conditioned car, office or home and best wishes for some relief without the requested hurricane.

  3. Jim Coburn

    Seriously? “Hoping” for a hurricane? Why not just wish for heavy rain instead of something so damaging?
    Conversely, look where “hope” got us through our U.S. leadership over the past three+ years.


    WISH FOR A HURRICANE??? I understand the urgency and desperation of much needed rain in the drought areas, but to wish for a Hurricane shows the ignorance of those who do not live in Hurricane prone areas. He/they obviously have no idea of the amount of destruction, hardships, and even deaths that can be caused by a Hurricane…..even a minor one!! It takes years of hard work and billions of dollars to recover, and sometimes you can never recover! Just look at New Orleans! Or look at before and after photos of the Mississippi Gulf Coast! It was COMPLETELY wiped out!!! WISH FOR A HURRICANE????

  5. Joel F. Potter

    Anyone who would make such a wish should be entitled to the storm coming ashore in the middle of their Zip code.

    Is your editor on vacation? Any adults at the helm this week?


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