Egg Harbor closes deal for Silverton, Ovation

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The sale of Silverton Marine Corp. and Ovation Yachts Corp. to Egg Harbor Yachts owner Ira Trocki is complete and the company is looking to expand its dealer network.

The sale was finalized July 30 and the company is already building a 36-foot Silverton at the Egg Harbor factory in Egg Harbor City, N.J., with plans to begin work on a 42-foot model shortly, Trocki told Soundings Trade Only today.

Trocki has hired about 20 workers from the former Silverton factory and plans to increase the number hired from the company as orders grow. Silverton and Ovation, which is owned by Silverton, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April, along with seven additional related companies.

“We’re hoping to have the [36-foot] boat completely finished Sept. 9,” Trocki told Soundings Trade Only.

When it is completed, Trocki — who is a plastic surgeon in addition to being a boatbuilder — will have a weekend-long party for current and prospective dealers, as well as customers, which will take place at the factory, Egg Harbor Marina in Somers Point, N.J., to conduct sea trials, and wrapping up at his Longport, N.J., home.

“We want to make our family members and future family members very comfortable with us,” Trocki said. “We’re both very proud of what we build and of our family team, and we’re inviting other people to become part of our family.”

Egg Harbor currently builds Buddy Davis Editions, with 28-foot and 34-foot center console outboards and 38-foot express outboards; Davis Yachts semicustom sportfish and express yachts between 48 and 70 feet; Egg Harbor Yachts 37-foot, 43-foot and 50-foot luxury sport yachts; Predator’s 35-foot walkaround express and 35 express sportfish cruisers; and Topaz 40- and 33-foot express cruisers.

Trocki said that although he hopes existing dealers will take on those lines, he realizes it won’t make sense in every market.

“We feel that with the addition of the Silverton-Ovation line brings quality family and sport cruisers to our offerings, something we didn’t have in our mainly sportfishing boats and yachts,” Trocki said. “Our feeling is by bringing in dealers that hopefully can handle all our lines, when a customer wants to go up or down, he can do that with one dealer, or say he wants to do sideways … he can also do that.”

“We want to be able to give the customers a wide range of boats, and if the dealer deals with us he doesn’t need to go to different factories. He deals with one factory to get the boats he needs to fulfill the customers’ needs,” Trocki added. “I would implore any dealers out there who want to carry quality lines to give us a call.”

Read more in an upcoming edition of Soundings Trade Only.

— Reagan Haynes


7 comments on “Egg Harbor closes deal for Silverton, Ovation

  1. PG

    What a shame that a great boat line had to go this way. I can see no way that Dr T can build a great boat like Rick did at Silverton. He has to many different lines in a very small facility. Good luck to any dealer that takes them on!

  2. kir

    Hope they keep Silverton the boat it’s been!! Think I might get out of the boat business and into plastic surgery!! He’s doing better than we are

  3. Boatingnut

    I firmly believe that Dr. Trocki and his Egg Harbor organization has saved Silverton and that in the longer term, the brand is much better off where it it now. Egg Harbor has a quite sizable new state of the art production facility and with the skilled folks that come aboard from Millville, there is no reason why the New Silverton line can’t surpass its predecessor. As a current Silverton owner, I wish the folks at Egg Harbor Silverton great success in building great boats once again.

  4. Mike Carrigan, Sr.

    All the best Doc.
    You saved a great product and brand.
    I would think the dealer network, employee’s and customer base should feel very comfortable with you at the helm.



  6. michael pair

    I’m trying to find a owners manual for 38′ silverton express 1993. please help

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