YachtWorld signs deal with YachtCloser

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Internet yacht brokerage portal YachtWorld.com announced it entered into a strategic alliance with YachtCloser, a provider of Web-based contract management solutions.

The alliance will bring a contract management solution to BoatWizard, the inventory management tool for YachtWorld. Broker members will be able to access a single, secure platform to manage their inventory, leads and now their listing and closing contracts. The alliance was formed to streamline the closing process, including the auto-fill of boat specifications directly from their inventory in BoatWizard.

“We are very excited to bring the YachtCloser application to BoatWizard,” Dominion Marine Media vice president and general manager Ian Atkins said in a statement. “Consumers increasingly expect they can complete transactions online. We want our brokers to have the same ability to easily manage their listings, contracts and purchase documents to streamline the boat-buying process.”

Brokers, regardless of where they are, can create, edit and send contracts from any device with Internet access. Thanks to e-signature technology, all parties can sign contracts and return them instantly via the Internet, eliminating “fuzzy faxes” from the process, according to the companies.

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2 comments on “YachtWorld signs deal with YachtCloser

  1. Reynolds Yachts

    Sounds like an excuse for a price increase for people who can manage on their own. Scan and email eliminates “fuzzy faxes”. The last alliance with Secured Marine Trust or whatever the escrow alliance was great, before they just disappeared(some people had a scare with escrowed funds). How about including video/video brochure for my $400 a month as it was when I signed up but then became an additional charge sometime down the road without any notice. Further more to all Yachtworld brokers the charge for the video is $12 month and you can delete it. For domain hosting weebly.com will provide the service. I paid $264 for 10 years not $26 a month. I am happy to HELP the broker who is always struggling with ever rising cost of doing business. Ed R

  2. Brad

    Hi Ed, the good news is that YachtCloser is a separate company and our services are completely optional for anyone who finds value in our product. Our desire to integrate with YachtWorld is simply to streamline the administrative needs and eliminate duplicated efforts for our existing and future clients. For example, our current customers are excited about only needing to enter vessel information “one-time” to populate YachtWorld inventory and any contract or form between listing and closing. If your interested, you can schedule a demo anytime at http://www.yachtcloser.com or check out the testimonials from some of our current customers at http://www.yachtcloser.com/about/testimonial.html
    Brad P

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