Yamaha unveils new summer promotion

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Yamaha Marine Group announced a new “Say Y.E.S. and Go Boating” promotion designed to help dealers during the late-summer selling season.

The promotion applies to eligible new Yamaha 2.5- to 350-hp 4-strokes and provides a 2-year Y.E.S. (Yamaha Extended Service) contract on select models at no extra cost to the consumer, according to Yamaha.

“Promotions that offer additional warranty coverage have a great track record,” Yamaha marketing manager Dale Barnes said in a statement. “We want to help our dealer partners continue their sales momentum and make this a great year.”

The program is effective for outboards purchased and warranties registered between Aug.1 and Sept. 19.

Click here for the full release.

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One comment on “Yamaha unveils new summer promotion

  1. Ken Lamain

    WOW, what a bold new idea. Lets all count the days until Merc jumps back on the 5 year warranty band wagon. Evenrude never left, could that be part of it? The “great track record” comment is really hard to judge. Seems like sales have been strong in the last month without the additional warranty. The other thing is, we have made our Yamaha dealers a bunch of extra money selling additional YES coverage with the new engines. Now here comes the same old idea to take that extra money right out of the dealers pocket. Why not give the dealer a rebate or extra co-op or something that will help him directly. Taking money away from the sale does nothing but hurt the dealer. Come on engine builders, think about it. Thanks, Ken

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