MarineMax theater set to open in Tampa

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MarineMax is celebrating the grand opening Friday of the MarineMax Experience Theater at the International Plaza in Tampa, Fla.

“Take this opportunity to report on this new initiative, including the innovative MarineMax Theater and peruse our three on-site boats, the Sea Ray 190 Sport, the Boston Whaler 170 Super Sport and the Nautique 200 sport,” the company said in a statement. “While you are here, register to win a MarineMax Vacations six days/five nights luxury bareboat charter in the British Virgin Islands.*

The grand opening runs from 5-8 p.m. and will include refreshments, hors d’oeuvres and a “Theater Experience.”

Click here for the full release.

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2 comments on “MarineMax theater set to open in Tampa

  1. Southern Gent

    First cut out everything that made the company what it was. Free service, great trips, social gatherings. Next, get rid of the core of people that built the company. Cut back on personal at the dealerships to make the bottom line look good for the stock holders. Waste money starting a bare boat cruise opperation where the market is loaded with others. Set up a “no haggle” price policy on all boats, we saw what this did for Plymouth and Saturn. Now, open a mall location that requires no salesman. Just a teenage girl handing out brochures. No wonder they droped their old slogan,”DELIVERING THE DREAM”.

  2. Dave Bergen

    Corporate consolidation has been painful and changed many industries including printing and advertising but it’s refreshing to know MarineMax will be handing out boat & charter vacation brochures. The virtual reality created by the digital decade is that creative marketing can be an ongoing experiment but humans are tactile creatures.
    Leisure lifestyle and luxury goods marketers that engage consumers with a “touch & feel” experience and send them home with a tangible brochure are committed to help keep dreams and premium brands alive.
    Personalized service & sales with highly targeted marketing and follow-up are critical, especially with promotional event campaigns.

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