South Florida dealership buys Hydra-Sports Boat Co.

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Plantation Boat Mart & Marina, a South Florida dealership, announced the acquisition of Hydra-Sports Boat Co. from MCBC Hydra Sports LLC (Master Craft Boat Co.) and plans to offer customization on the brand.

The dealership is now the majority shareholder in Hydra-Sports, but the acquisition did not include MasterCraft, a sales manager at Plantation Boat Mart & Marina told Soundings Trade Only.

The new company is known as Hydra-Sports Custom Boats LLC.

Plantation said the acquisition was a strategic move by the longtime Hydra-Sports dealer to provide a more streamlined sales experience and enhanced customer service.

As part of a new concept in the marine industry, customers will be able to order boats directly from the company’s Islamorada, Fla., and Palm Beach, Fla., factory test centers and take delivery.

Every model will be available on site at the company’s Florida Keys location and ready for sea trial.

“I am excited about the formation of Hydra-Sports Custom Boats and am proud to offer a premium level of customized service to our new and returning customers,” Elias De La Torre III, CEO of Hydra-Sports Custom Boats and Plantation Boat president, said in a statement.

“My family and I have spent thousands of hours on our own Hydra-Sports and feel very passionate about the brand, making us in tune with our customers and their needs. Now we can engineer the boats with our customers at our test facilities, giving them a truly customized boat that is reflective of their lifestyle. Whatever they envision, we can make it a reality.”

In addition to customization, Plantation only services the boats it sells. If a customer’s boat breaks down, Plantation will provide a loaner.

Plantation has been a boat dealership and marina in South Florida for more than 15 years and has earned the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s 5-Star Certified Dealership status.

In 2010, Plantation became an equity partner in SeaHunter boats, a first-of-its-kind move in the boating industry that has mutually benefited both organizations.

“The 2012 acquisition of Hydra-Sports and the transformation of the dealership locations into factory test facilities have enabled Plantation Boat Mart & Marina to completely re-engineer the boat buying experience for customers,” a company statement read.

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5 comments on “South Florida dealership buys Hydra-Sports Boat Co.

  1. Raeford Brown

    I’ve owned one HydraSports boat…the 2500CC, a 1989 model. LOVED it! The hull design and the hull construction (kevlar) of the older boats was absolutely great when it came time to “bust” through nasty inlets in North Carolina. I was never sure why the boats didn’t take off along the Carolina coast as they did in Florida.
    Best of luck on the purchase. Hope the quality and design of the new boats can equal or surpass (I doubt that part) that of the oldies and goodies.

  2. Wilbur

    This will an interesting watch. Building boats and selling boats are two different things. I personally think this will be the last days of this brand.

  3. Fulltrim

    Mark my words, this is the end of this brand. There is no way Mastercraft is going to put up with dealing with this dealer. They will be out of the Tennessee plant within a year.

  4. Wayne

    Stronger than ever, actually. I supply composite materials to these folks. They built 60+ boats in 2016. They will build 90+ in 2017 and 120+ in 2018. Guess those guys “missed the boat” on their assessments… Still using Kevlar in the hulls. Damn strong boat, damn good looking and if you go with a 42′, 53′, or 63′ with the Quad 7’s hanging off the back a damn powerful boat!

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