Annapolis sailboat show concludes today

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The United States Sailboat Show wraps up today in Annapolis, where the city dock was transformed into a 250-boat marina filled with new boats and tents on floats.

With nearly 30 new sailboats on display, the show could be an indicator that sales are bouncing back, according to the Capital News Gazette. This is the 43rd year for the show, which draws more than 50,000 spectators from around the world. The 2012 show is the largest since 2007, the year before the recession.

The show’s size and positive indicators from last month’s show in Newport, R.I., suggest that a turnaround could be in store for the marine industry.

“There’s a theory that consumers are tired of sitting on the sidelines and waiting for world peace, which isn’t going to happen,” U.S. Boat Shows general manager Paul Jacobs told the paper. “There’s that kind of pent-up demand feeling and it might be that people are ready to go out and start buying boats. That’s what we certainly hope.”

Earlier this year the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported that retail sales and boating participation have been on the rise. About 214,000 boats were sold last year in the United States, a 0.8 percent increase from 2010. Boating participation reached 83 million, a 10 percent increase. Previously, the industry had not had an increase in sales since 2006, officials said.

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2 comments on “Annapolis sailboat show concludes today

  1. Wally Moran

    This sounds like good news and the trend noted by Jacobs seems to be reflecting the comments and desires of people such as Thomas Dammrich and other industry leaders (and we grunts in the media!) who have been working at improving participation, encouraging people to get out and go boating. If those efforts have been successful, then an improving economy will certainly push those numbers higher, and hopefully in an exponential fashion.
    Now is the time to push even harder imo, and make up for those lost years.

  2. Wayne Canning

    I agree with the pent up demand thoughts. As a marine surveyor I am also seeing an escapism attitude among buyers. Like in the 60’s there is a feeling of wanting to get away. With a divided political atmosphere and a sluggish economy many are just wanting to take a break. A cruising boat offers a way to do this. I have seen an increase in sales of cruising sailboats and long range trawlers. lets hope this tread can kick the industry back into gear. Dealer and builder inventory is low, some of the new products look exciting, lets hope the trend continues. The sellers I talked to indicated things are on a slow but steady increase.
    Capt. Wayne Canning, AMS

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