NMMA appeals E15 ruling

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to request a review of a recent ruling on E15.

NMMA legislative director Jim Currie told Soundings Trade Only that the group had moved this week to ask the court to reconsider an August ruling.

“We are also reaching out to environmental groups and world hunger groups to come on board” with the NMMA’s effort to get the courts to review the decision, which allows gasoline with as much as 15 percent ethanol to be sold at pumps, Currie said.

Several groups already have joined the NMMA in its opposition to the higher concentration of ethanol in gasoline.

In August, a three-member panel of judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit dismissed the marine industry’s challenge to allowing E15 into the fuel supply.

The 2-1 decision was disappointing, but was procedural, Cindy Squires, the NMMA’s chief counsel of public affairs and director of regulatory affairs, told Soundings Trade Only in August.

Two judges said the plaintiffs did not have grounds to bring a case based on court precedents and therefore could not consider the merits of the arguments presented. The dissenting judge said the Environmental Protection Agency had clearly overstepped its authority.

The NMMA now has requested an en banc review, which means it is asking that all of the judges of the D.C. Circuit Court rule on the case, creating a chance to change case law and review the plaintiffs’ arguments on the merits.

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5 comments on “NMMA appeals E15 ruling

  1. Ron Cameron

    I own boats with outboards and farm equipment which state that maximum E-10 is to be used! I don’t want to just to just throw them away. I cannot afford to replace them! I am of the opinion that E-10 has already done significant damage E-15 would be a disaster!

  2. Curtis

    Nobody has enough money to fight the ethonal group.
    It is to bad whoever has the most money wins even if it is not right.

  3. Sailfly

    Thank you to the NMMA for leading the fight against higher ethanol concentrations and good luck with the appeal. The less ethanol in our marine fuel, and any other fuel used in engines that don’t have a high turnover rate, the better in my opinion.

  4. Capt. Bill Bennett

    I have spent the bulk of my life on the water and have seem many things occur good & bad with regulations. The E-15 fuel is going to cause too many problems for boaters to overcome. From my undertanding idf you have new 4 stroke engine you can run the E-15 hower if you have 2 stroke or slightly older engine the E-15 will have devistating effects on your engine. The choce should be left up to the boaters as to which fuel you can safely burn

  5. GaryB

    The forum should be expanded to include ALL small engines powering lawn maintenance eqpmt. I have a blower/vac and a trimmer both with 2-cycle engines having a plastic fuel tank with an internal fuel pick-up line that was literally dissolved away by the current ethanol blended gasoline. Seems to me that the promoted economic and environmental benefits are not factoring in the cost/impact of having to use fuel additives to prevent damage to equipment and the actual loss of equipment.

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