Miami dealer signs on with YachtCloser

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Miami-based new and used yacht dealer Yachting Experts is integrating YachtCloser’s web-based contract management solutions into its business.

Yachting Experts now has access to a single, secure digital platform for managing its inventory, brokerage listings and contracts, allowing its staff to offer customers yacht transactions, regardless of where they are, Yachting Experts announced.

YachtCloser lets everyone involved in a business transaction review and revise a contract from any device with Internet access, including an iPad. With e-signature technology, all parties also can sign the contract and return it instantly via the Internet, eliminating “fuzzy faxes” from the process. The participants in a deal closing no longer need to be in the same room or even on the same continent.

“YachtCloser is a great tool,” Yachting Experts principal Frank De Varona said in a statement. “You basically can have a virtual office anywhere in the world. It makes us a more streamlined organization, facilitating the process for customers who want to buy or sell a boat with us.”

“YachtCloser makes it a lot easier for our customers to have access to important documents,” Betty De Varona said in a statement. “They can e-sign without having a need to print the document, sign it, then scan it and send it back.”

“I listed my boat with Yachting Experts and I was surprised how easy it was with the electronic signature. It was all seamless, electronic and professional,” Bob Wexler, Miami-based owner of a Riviera 44 sport yacht, said in a statement. “I do a lot of real estate contracts, and I’ve never used anything like this before.”


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  1. BoatLoanPro

    e-signing will have to stand the test of time. For example, will a United States District Court, sitting in Admiralty Session, allow the sumisssion of an e-signed instrument of obligation and an e-signed First Preferred Ships Mortgage along with a lenders petition for the arrest of the vessel in the event of a default in the agreed upon payment schedule? Orginal recorded First Preferred Ships Mortgages have always been the acceptable instrument of the Court. Then, what about e-notarization of the documents? Different states have very different requirements for Notaries Public that wish to e-notarize, and Bonding Companies have a different schedule for e-sign notaries. We’ve seen ‘centralized systems’ before, with ‘standardized forms’ that were intended to facilitate securitization of blocks of loans, then morphing into a loan originator in the effort to survive, which ultimately failed. Not all states have provisions for e-notarization. The the ultimate question – why would a lender choose to have e-signatures of borrowers with the associated e-notarization when many other documents in the loan funding package will have to be executed as originals – why not have all documents as original documents with original signatures and original notarizations? Remember that rec lending is a small, specialized community and may truly have no interest whatever in e-sign.

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