NMMA touts support of winning candidates

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association’s political action committee, BoatPAC, was intimately involved during the 2011-12 election cycle, according to the NMMA’s Washington Wave.

“The strategy was to harden our support with current champions of the recreational boating industry and to expand our relationship with other members of Congress,” the newsletter stated. “BoatPAC invested in 38 different candidates, both Senate and House members, with 36 of them up for re-election. As one member retired, BoatPAC ultimately supported 37 candidates, 34 of whom were re-elected, resulting in a 91.8 percent accuracy rate.”

Here is a list of the candidates BoatPAC supported.


• There were 33 senatorial seats up for election and BoatPAC was involved in eight races: Indiana, Florida, Nebraska, Vermont, Maryland, Rhode Island, Michigan and West Virginia.


• Rep. Joe Donnelly defeated state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, 49.9 percent to 44.4 percent.


• Sen. Bill Nelson defeated Rep. Connie Mack, 55.1 percent to 42.4 percent.


• BoatPAC supported Sen. Ben Nelson before he announced his retirement.


• BoatPAC supported Sen. Patrick Leahy. Leahy was not up for re-election, but NMMA continues to have a relationship with his office.


• Sen. Ben Cardin defeated Dan Bongino, 54.3 percent to 27.5 percent.

Rhode Island:

• Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse defeated Barry Hinckley, 65.1 percent to 31 percent.

West Virginia:

• Sen. Joe Manchin defeated Jon Raese, 60.6 percent to 36.5 percent.


• Sen. Debbie Stabenow defeated Rep. Pete Hoekstra, 58.3 percent to 38.5 percent.


• BoatPAC contributed to 30 House candidates. Incumbents Don Manzullo of Illinois and John Sullivan of Oklahoma and candidate Nick Lampson lost their races.

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11 comments on “NMMA touts support of winning candidates

  1. Gordon

    Congratulations you have supported those that will kill our economy
    and further destroy the marine industry.

  2. EdwinMaine

    These are all Democrats. Why is the NMMA supporting candidates who want to raise taxes on their customers so they have less dispoosable income with which to buy boats?

  3. Bill

    NMMA needs to be more transparent. I don’t know of anyone in the marine business in Florida that supports Bill Nelson.




    How can anyone take you NNMA seriously with statements like “anti-business”. There is no one “anti-business”, just like politicians claiming to be “pro-family” trying to infer their opponent is “anti-family”. There is no one who thinks they are hurting the economy, they just have a different approach. I have been in this industry for over 40 years and given everything I have to it, yet I am not a Romney republican. The inference that I or people that have my political thoughts are anti-business is idiotic. You probably upset more of your members than do good for them with these sound bites.

  6. Mike A

    Thanks NMMA! You are supporting the people who are ruining our business’s and lives. I will make sure you never receive any of my money!

    Democrats have a war against the wealthy who buy the boats we build or should i say used to build.

    By the Democrats not allowing new permits for oil drilling on public lands, having a moratorium on new wells in the Gulf and blocking the pipeline they have caused fuel prices to soar so much that the average US boating family can not now and probably never will afford fuel.

  7. Virgil

    I was in Tampa during the Republican convention………anyone from NMMA who thinks the “party” was worth more than a penny of my money should be discharged.

  8. snipelee

    This is exactly why I have refused to join NMMA. Corrupt cockroaches bent on currying favor with corrupt politicians so that they have a place to land when finally caught. Of course the landing is pretty soft because the moron membership have provided a very nice pension. You knew that -right?

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