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pursuit1128Pursuit Boats this morning unveiled its much anticipated sport yacht — a 36-footer with hidden outboard power and an expansive gin-clear windshield — that catapults the company into a new genre of the market.

In fact, leaders of S2 Yachts, Pursuit’s parent company, say the boat will define its own class of recreational craft.

“We really think this is a game-changer,” S2 CEO and president Thomas Slikkers told me on Tuesday, a day before the official announcement at the Marriott Hutchinson Island Resort in Fort Pierce, Fla. “It doesn’t mean we are going to go away from our core product because there are still a good number of people who want that utilitarian aspect.”

Click play for a presentation on the debut.

Pursuit is known for its center console, walkaround and express fishing boats, but has been listening to consumers who want to use their boats in different ways and have more styling, said Slikkers, who met with me on Tuesday at Pursuit’s headquarters about 30 miles north of the resort.

Also at the meeting were S2 vice president of sales and marketing George Hetzel, Pursuit vice president of operations Bruce Thompson and S2 marketing director David Glenn.

“We knew we had to make a statement — that we had to be different,” Hetzel said. “The second thing was we wanted to make sure the propulsion didn’t become an obstacle — by propulsion I mean looking at it, the aesthetics.”

The twin Yamaha outboards are hidden in compartments in a streamlined, clean-looking stern.

Added Thompson: “We really think we hit the nail on the head,” he said. “We’ll set the standard for that category. When you see the boat, you tell me whether that looks like any other kind of boat you’ve seen [introduced] in the last 12 months.”

Most noticeable, perhaps, is the yacht’s huge front windshield, which is free of obstructions. Pursuit builds the windshield using the latest materials and methods, including resin infusion.

The Yamaha-powered SC 36 hits the market in a few days, Glenn said. Today’s announcement will be followed by a dealer meeting, and then a special sales event this weekend, he said. (The company already has sold more than a half-dozen boats, Hetzel said.)

The 36 is just the beginning of a new fleet of boats, Slikkers said. The sport yachts will be built in models from about 28 to 40 feet, he said.

“Obviously it looks different from anything we’ve built, but the great thing is that from our standpoint a lot of the attributes incorporated into the boat are the same as what we do today with our current product line,” Slikkers said. “We are delivering all the great Pursuit DNA to a new group of potential people who want that DNA, but packaged for a different [boating] venue.”

Look for pricing and other details in a report in Thursday’s Trade Only Today.


LOA: 41 feet, 2 inches

BEAM: 12 feet, 6 inches

DISPLACEMENT: 17,000 pounds

ENGINES: Yamaha (to be announced)


TANKAGE: 275 gallons fuel, 75 gallons water, 25 gallons waste

— Chris Landry


5 comments on “VIDEO: Pursuit debuts 36-foot sport yacht

  1. Barney Harris

    This video should be removed and replaced with a proper one. Have the presenter sit up straight – as is he is doing a better job of presenting his beer gut than the product. Do not use a cluttered office environment. Switch the background music OFF when the guy is speaking and fix the acoustics so that there is less echo in the spoken words. i could barely understand what the guy was saying. All that said, i have to say I like the “hidden” outboard concept. Good luck with this new product.

  2. Paul Chasse

    I was interesting is hearing about this boat. Kill the music…..I can hear what the guy is saying.

  3. Ed McKnew

    Tiara, sister company to Pursuit, was the first to come out with a yacht designed from the ground up for pod drives. When this new SC 36 hits the market later this year I think its hidden-outboard concept will be a game-changer in the under 40-foot cruising segment. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Ross Archer

    Looks like a nice boat and may be a “game changer” for Pursuit but I tend to think of the term “game changer” as being something truly unique to the industry. The boat styling is very similar to an Atlantis Verve and the idea of hiding the outboards was already done by Sea Ray with the new Venture. I wish Pursuit success and like any company that keeps working on the evolution of their products. Just ruffled by hyping the term “game changer”.

  5. John Painter

    To truly appreciate the “game changer” comment you have to understand what this total package brings to the boating market. For the ” Sea Ray” style buyer he is forever done with engine rooms,outdrives,inboard shafts, growth on running gear and this list just keeps going.The Yamaha outboards have brought automotive type reliability to boating community and combine that with Pursuits absolute commitment to designing,engineering and manufacturing what is widely recognized as among the very best boats available in the market today this truly does become a “game changer” As to the comment about Thomas Slikkers “beer gut” grab your road bicycle and show up for a ride with Thomas and the crowd and see how long you can hang with the “beer gut”

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