VIDEO: Pursuit hopes 36-footer is ‘game-changing’

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pursuit1129Pursuit’s new SC 365 will be powered with twin Yamaha F350s and carry a price of roughly $402,000 with a substantial amount of standard equipment.

More than two dozen dealers will gather today at the Marriott Hutchinson Island Resort in Fort Pierce, Fla., to test-drive the sport coupe with hidden outboards. A special sales event will begin on Friday.

“This is a boat we’ve been working on for three years,” S2 Yachts vice president of sales and marketing George Hetzel said. “Essentially we saw a need in the marketplace and a shift with customers doing more day boating and using their boats in multiple ways. These large V8 engines from Yamaha give us an opportunity to do something different — and that’s what we did, something very different.”

Long known for its fishing center console, express and walkaround boats, Pursuit has entered an entirely different genre of boat design and boatbuilding. And Jim Walker, owner of Florida’s Walker’s Marine, the largest Pursuit dealer in the country, is all for the change.

“I think it’s game-changing,” Walker said after his demo ride. “Part of it is the outboard installation and engineering, but the way they did it aesthetically is very impressive. It has all the benefits of an outboard boat, everything from ease of maintenance to cost, and they executed it flawlessly. Listen, I was on the design committee for the boat and it beats my expectations.”

Click play for more on the SC 365.

Some of the highlights include a resin-infused radiused windshield that delivers a crystal-clear view. Access to the engines is via a single hatch that raises and lowers on gas lifts, leading to a white fully finished and gelcoated engine room.

The cabin is decked out with all of the cruising amenities you would expect to see on a larger yacht, including a full galley, a head with a separate enclosed shower and a large vee berth that converts to a dinette table. And with the outboard installation, the midcabin is big, bright and inviting.

Consumers continue to demand better sightlines on deck and at the helm and more natural light in living spaces, and Pursuit welcomes the sunshine via three overhead portlights and oversized hull portlights. Light interior colors also keep things bright.

I was able to drive the boat for a good 20 minutes in a 2-foot chop. She doesn’t pop right out of the hole, but we had seven guys on the boat with fuel full, and the sport coupe still reached an impressive 42 mph wide-open. I settled into a comfortable 30-mph cruise, enjoying the excellent sightlines ahead. I later opened the hardtop’s sliding sun hatch to let in some more fresh air.

The SC 365 with the F350s gets just under 1 mile to the gallon at about 28 mph. This boat was equipped with a standard bow thruster and generator.

— Chris Landry


3 comments on “VIDEO: Pursuit hopes 36-footer is ‘game-changing’

  1. Dave

    The boat is extremely quiet at cruise speed as well as wide open. We were able to carry on a normal conversation at the helm. On board with a customer that was 6′ 5 1/2″ and there was still additional headroom below and no problem standing upright at the helm. Unbelievable ride!!!!

  2. BayBoater

    As with Sea Ray’s contribution to this “game changing” idea, the LOA model designations are hardly representative of the actual usable space of the boats.

    I was personally on the Sea Ray at their dealer meeting and I haven’t been on the Pursuit, but if the Pusuit is anything like the Sea Ray (and the pics show that it is) it will be a very small 36′ boat. As with the S/R, the LOA might be near the length that the model designator claims, but the usable space is a lot less. I would estimate that the S/R gives you about a 31′ boat and the Pusuit about the same. So much of the LOA is wasted on the concealed outboard configuration that the usable cabin space is compared to that of the usual 30′ to 32′ boats. Small galleys and heads.

    I think that once the buyers of a 36/37′ boat step on board, they will notice the same thing. Especially if they are “stepping up” from a 30′ (or so) cruiser. They won’t see much difference with the cabin space with these “36/37′” models.

    Of course, if the buyers are looking for less salt water issues with their outdrives, then these new “game changers” might fit the bill. But a person that is spending over $400K on a boat is usually looking for more usable/enjoyable space and is not as concerned with maintenance costs.

    Time (or should I say, sales) will tell…

  3. Big Boater

    With regard to the comments by Bay Boater, the LOA of the SC-365 is 41’2″, so I think this boat should feel every bit like a 36 footer, if not bigger.

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