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yamaha1101The new light, compact and powerful Yamaha F200 makes a good fit for boats that include small and mid-size center consoles, bay boats and hybrids and pontoon crafts and aluminum boats, according to the engine manufacturer.

“The 200 makes tremendous sense because there are so many boats that can take that kind of power and benefit from a lightweight 200, as opposed to a heavier V6,” Yamaha communications manager Martin Peters says. “It is also a great motor for repowering because it fits on 26-inch centers. It is a narrow motor and easily could replace a lot of 2-strokes in the marketplace right now.”

At 487 pounds the F200 is 119 pounds lighter than Yamaha’s V6 F200 and 14 pounds heavier than Yamaha’s 2-stroke Z200 HPDI outboard. The F200 is built around a four-cylinder, 2.8-liter, 16-valve dual overhead camshaft powerhead “that breathes easily and responds quickly,” Peters says.

Yamaha unveiled the engine, along with a 150-hp 4-stroke — the V MAX SHO 150 — and its Helm Master joystick-equipped control system at a press event earlier this week in Bridgeport, Ala. It was the company’s largest new-product introduction since the 2009 debut of its F70 and V6 series of 4-strokes.

The new F200 complements the V6 version of Yamaha’s 200-hp 4-stroke, Peters says. Like its larger-displacement sibling, the four-cylinder F200 is equipped with Yamaha’s Variable Camshaft Timing System for quick acceleration and mid-range punch.

Yamaha calls the F200 “the lightest 200-hp 4-stroke on the market.” It’s a logical replacement for lower-horsepower or larger V6 outboards on mid-sized boats, and in twin applications the F200 can reduce overall weight on the transom, Peters says.

Click play to see highlights of Yamaha’s product rollout.

With the new 150-hp engine, Yamaha gives boaters the kind of acceleration out of the hole and torque associated with 2-stroke engines, Peters says. The engine will do a standout job of propelling bass boats as well as flats boats, he says.

“It’s a brilliant alternative to a 2-stroke,” Peters says. “If you look at the typical 2-stroke, it is lighter and has arguably better hole-shot, compared to most 4-strokes. What the V MAX SHOW brings is the benefits of a 4-stroke, along with 2-stroke performance. “

The engine company manufactures the V MAX SHO 150 with a 2.8-liter four-cylinder powerhead that employs double overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and counterbalance shafts for smooth performance, according to the company. At 480 pounds, the four-stroke V MAX SHO 150 weighs only 12 pounds more than Yamaha’s two-stroke VZ150.

Pricing was unavailable. The electronically controlled versions of the F200 will hit the market in May and the mechanically controlled models will be available in March. The V MAX SHO 150 will be available in July.

— Chris Landry


14 comments on “VIDEO: Yamaha rolls out F200 outboard

  1. colby

    Lets see how it runs aganist a DF175 Suzuki at 474 lbs with a 2.867 liter motor with VVT and a 2.5 gear ratio that will swing a 16″ screw.
    “It’s all about the off-set”

  2. mark the shark

    That’s right Colby, looks like they just copied Suzuki, but forgot to copy the offset, or the VVT! Suzuki doesn’t get or take the credit they deserve for excellent designs. Yamaha continues to get the glory.

  3. cpt pete

    I’ll stick to my twin 200hp E-TECs that weigh less than 420 lbs each and provide superior fuel economy.

    I am amazed that Merc and Yamaha are trying to develop “2-stroke performance in a 4-stroke package.” Obviously, they can’t develop 2-stroke performance in a 2- stroke package. Sounds like an imitation. I will stick with a real 2-stroke.

  4. Bottom Time

    And don’t forget about dis-assembling half the motor to do your ANNUAL high pressure fuel pump screen (VST)cleaning. Or just pop the $600 bones and have your Yamaha service center do it……

  5. Scott

    How do you clean up an engine that spits oil out the exhaust? You can’t. Opti’s, HPDI and your beloved E-tec will be shut down by the EPA IN 5 years. Four stroke has and will be the future of outboards. Suzuki makes a good engine. The comparison should be closel

  6. Olypopper

    I’m glad to see Yamaha stepping up to the plate. A four cylinder 200 is what 4 strokes have needed for a long time. Good job on delivering something new to the market Yamaha!

  7. Colby

    Yeah Pete thats why Sea-Tow scrapped all thier E-tecs for Zucs besides durability and shear torque 30% better fuel economy might have had something to do with it, but don’t take my word go to both websites and compare twin engine boat tests

  8. Jake

    Merc and Yamaha know that 2 strokes will be eventually a thing of the past. Of course they are going to keep the focus on development of high performance 4 strokes. Bombardier’s e-tec line is doomed. Lets face it: it is all part of technology evolving beyond what we already think we know. I can see the day that Bombardier dumps the Evinrude line altogether. There already was a rumour they were out to dump them but then again, rumour. Theres is no specific market for them for the e-tec line up. Merc, Yamaha and Honda will all carry on.

  9. AJ


  10. pat k

    Go ahead and drive your etecs make sure you schedule your powerhead replacement in advance so you boat isn”t down for weeks. I own a service shop and see 3-5 year old etects down regularly go yamaha.

  11. Dan Snyder

    I run duals Yamaha 90s that are 14 years old and had dual Yamaha 70s for 10 years prior to that but I am now looking to repower to a single engine since the 90s are too heavy.
    I was thinking of Suzuki or Mercury but decided WHY since my Yamahas lasted so long.
    I am interested in the inline 4 but was wondering when the reviews were coming out.

  12. capt.Joel

    I spent almost $20,000 on a 250 E-TEC. I called it a T-RET because every time it broke down it gave me touretts syndrome. It was a nightmare and dealing with head quarters was a nightmare too. I’ve run a 225 Honda for 6 yrs. 300 days per year and with 1000’s of hours and after a few replaced and repaired lower units the engine purrs like a kitten. I’m building a new boat and am in the market for a new outboard. Before I buy another Honda, I’m going to keep a close eye on the F200 reviews.

  13. Scott

    Just replaced my F150 2004 on my 22 sea hunt center console Triton. Fuel economy is a bit better because 35 MPH is at 3500 not 4500 like the 150. Top speed 6 MPH Faster and Aboout 400 Less RPM. Had 4327 hours on F150 without any repairs, Just Main. i performed myself. Timing belt and 4 Waterpumps. Never was in shop. Hoping to do the same with New F200XB. And it only ways 19 Pounds More. Best outboards you can buy hands down!!! Scott Lippert, Owner of A Autoworks

  14. Captain Steve

    Wondering how the new 200 2.8 will push my Grady OffShore 24?
    No need of quick out of the hole. Just perform inner harbor tours with this boat.

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