Baja Marine names new vice president

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miller1212Baja Marine announced that industry veteran Nick Miller rejoined the company as vice president.

His primary responsibilities will be sales and marketing for the company’s Baja, Donzi, Fountain and Pro-Line boat brands. He will report to Baja Marine CEO Johnny Walker.

In addition, Presley Eley was named lamination manager and B.K. Millaway is the new director of customer service for Baja Marine.

Miller previously was president of NGM Consulting, helping companies to improve their sales, marketing and profitability. His clients included Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Marriott International, FTD Flowers, Gibson Musical Instruments and Featherlite Luxury Coaches. Prior to that, Miller was vice president of sales and marketing for American Marine Holdings, the former parent company of Fountain, Pro-Line and Donzi Marine.

“It’s great to have Nick back home again with Baja and our other boat brands,” Walker said in a statement. “His proven marketing, sales expertise and dealer development skills, along with his in-depth knowledge of our brands, will be of critical importance to our expansion plans as we grow the Baja line and reintroduce Donzi, Pro-Line and Fountain to the market in 2013 and beyond.”

“Craig Barrie, who has worked intensively this year on helping to relaunch Baja Marine, will now focus his efforts on Donzi retail sales and working with R&D for all four brands,” Walker added. “Craig, who has been instrumental in the introduction of Baja’s popular new DesignTech hull graphics line, has a great eye for style and tremendous knowledge of the performance boat industry.”

Eley, the new lamination manager, has worked in the marine industry since 1963, specializing in lamination. He worked for such well-known manufacturers as Bayliner, Buddy Davis Yachts and Fountain Powerboats before taking early retirement in 2008.

“Presley recently came out of retirement to return to the company he has such a passion for,” Walker said.

Millaway, Baja Marine’s new customer service director, began his boating career working for Fountain Powerboats from 1987 until 2001. During his years at Fountain he served as quality control manager, customer service manager and chief test driver. Since 2001 he has continued to work in the boating industry as customer service and parts manager for marine centers on the Eastern Shore.

“B.K.’s experience in customer service, both on the manufacturer side and on the retail side, will help us transition our four brands going forward,” Walker said.

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18 comments on “Baja Marine names new vice president

  1. marty

    Three performance brands in one corporation. There is a reciepe for disaster.They should have split off Baja and sold it back to Doug Smith. He is the only person that has been able to run that company.Soon as Mercruiser got the company, they started to go too hell in a hand cart.

  2. Questionable

    Here we go again…..does anyone know if this is viable….who owns the company?….is their money behind it this time?….were vendors paid?…warranties going to be covered?…exisiting inventory?….
    Why would a dealer and a consumer trust them this time???

  3. Mike Carrigan, Sr.

    It might be well to consider that the good guys prevailed. The good guys won. The guys who wish to continue all four brands, put people back to work, are the guys that won.
    Gonna be a rough road? You bet it is. However I think they deserve some well wishes here and there.
    All the best Johnny and crew.

  4. Rich Schnippel

    I’ve met Nick quite a few years back at Donzi…he’s a forward thinking individual and passionate about the industry…assemble a great team and great things will happen. Wishing the best for these companies as they move forward!

  5. boatfixer

    umm Marty, you may want to check the product line-up again. I would never consider Proline a performance brand! What you have is a fish boat brand, performance brand (Baja) and a hight performance brand (Fountain). Actually, a pretty good mix. Sure, building trust will be an up hill battle. At least they have shed most of the undesirables, unlike the Erwin Jacob’s deal (same slime ball at the helm).

  6. NJBoats

    Is this even news anymore? Just how many times have these same people been in and out of these same companies? Seems like they’re really stuck in a rut down there in Washington, NC. Also, Boatfixer, you may want to take your own advice. There’s an entry level performance boat brand: (Baja) and two competing performance boat / CC brands that match each other nearly model for model (Fountain & Donzi) and a CC brand that has shared a lot of commonality with Donzi (ProLine).

  7. Jimmy

    The current owners are the ones the bank chased for $60 million? Where did they get the money to run this company? Are they the same owners in lawsuits with several companies and people? They have been in the marine industry for 3 years and all I see are lawsuits and a ton of money owed. This is why one of the reason our industry has problems. Then they hire this guy to be the front man? As a dealer, I have experience with him and his boys. As a former Baja dealer for 14 years when Brunswick owned it, I will not be a dealer for this bunch. The last rep said they did not use floorplan, wanted deposit and balance on completion, no way was I trusting these guys to up front money and a hope and a prayer.
    We need reputable people with capital to make this work and feel comfortable. Saw the guy in charge in Ft. Lauderdale, after listening to his bluster, no way. Dealers, beware.

  8. JayBird

    Wow! Last I heard, Nick “said” he owned a manufacturing company that built 7 different brands including “Key West”
    Guess that did not work out.
    Hope this goes better for him.

  9. the Law

    Good lord guys give him and his team a chance, the whole world including the marine industry has gone to you know where and is comming back. these are great boat lines with a lot of heritage, how about some positive feedback. My best to you all now get it done

  10. Jimmy

    I don’t have a problem with the brands, just who owns and runs the companies I don’t trust. The brands are great names, as a dealer, I have sold some of them. Would I buy the “Brands” yes, just not from these owners and vice presidents.

  11. Geoff

    As an owner of a Proline 2006 26SS, I am happy to see them back in business. To be honest, 2 years ago there was some non structural issues with the hull of my boat that caused significant “crazes” on both sides. After a little debate, Johnny Walker and his team stepped up to the plate and made it right by having the entire hull ground down to bare glass to check for structural issues then had it completely refinished. There are a couple of things I would do differently on the boat but in general I am happy.

    Now if I could I just get Johnny to add 2 feet to my boat…..;)

  12. Rick Britnell

    Nick you had better leave the 4th grade graphics behind and find some new DYNAMIC IN GEL graphics or Go fast boaters like me will Go fast elsewhere…..

    Lay Lake Alabama-Baja owner

  13. JS

    There is always more than enough critics in the negative in the marine industry. Hope all goes forward in the future.

  14. Jersey Red

    Well,,,after reading the comments from, Insiders/Nay-sayers/so-called “Know-It-Alls” ONE thing is for sure…..A new name should be the choice for the “roof” over all four brands.
    Of course not too mention the appointment of a VP,,,,that for all intents and purposes looks like a “car salesman”…Prayers are in order
    Introducing the NEW —– ” ONE BIG MESS”

  15. dj

    it does make wonder, what to buy and from whom. builders, here today and who knows tomorrow. dealers changing brands faster than I change skivvies. I want to buy a decent boat from a decent builder at fair price from a dealer and builder that will be here tomorrow. same players only the dates have changed. business as usual? do any of these companies and people learn anything? tomorrow will tell.

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