Miami boat show faces ‘Super’ conflict in 2016

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Tensions are mounting among South Florida tourism leaders as they wrestle with the potential problem of accommodating two major events in February 2016.

South Florida leadership could field a divided team for the National Football League’s 50th Super Bowl if it can’t resolve a potential conflict with the Miami International Boat Show.

A recent planning meeting at Sun Life Stadium for a 2016 Super Bowl bid reportedly got heated when Miami-Dade tourism director William Talbert repeated his position that Miami can’t play host to the Super Bowl and the boat show on the same weekend.

The NFL might want to move its championship to President’s Day Weekend, the boat show’s home for decades, and the potential overlap has caused a rift among the key players that helped give South Florida a record 10 Super Bowls.

“We’re a big city that can hold multiple events in our town,’’ Rodney Barreto, the longtime head of South Florida’s Super Bowl Host Committee, told the Miami Herald. “I’m not totally convinced the boat show needs to move.”

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2 comments on “Miami boat show faces ‘Super’ conflict in 2016

  1. steve at southwinds magazine

    it’s a known fact that the sports pages very rarely report on any sports that don’t have a ball involved, like football, baseball, golf, etc, etc – and that’s all representative of how the society thinks, especially those in power and Rodney Bareto obviously couldn’t care less about the boat show. On Super Bowl Day, boat show exhibitors might as well just not show up as it will be a dead day at the show with very, very little traffic. Bareto ought just admit he doesn’t care about the boat show and all the exhibitors and if they a successful show, because we know he isn’t that stupid, otherwise he wouldn’t be in the position he is in. Which means he is lying. Florida is a big boating state and the boat show has been around a lot longer than the Super Bowl. Bareto just doesn’t care. They want President’s Day Weekend for good every year. This will affect more than just boat shows around the country. He probably forgets that local communities essentially pay for all the stadiums, even if it is unconstitutional that the public pays for them and puts money in the pockets of the team owners, players and people like Bareto.

  2. Ttopman

    Supr bowl in Dallas a couple of years back. Same as first weekend for Dallas winter boat show. Attendance at boat show nil for the first weekend. No hotels available even for exhibitors all taken by Super Bowl patrons. Restaurants overcrowded. All this in a record ice storm. If we just had a ball of some kind for boating we might be taken a little more serious. Of course they are all ready to take tax money from us when we register our boat we just do not matter at any other time.

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