New York senator issues warning on Sandy relief

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As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo traveled to Washington to lobby for $32.8 billion in federal disaster aid — and an additional $9.1 billion for infrastructure protections from future storms — U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer issued a warning for lawmakers who don’t step up for the storm-battered region.

“Our colleagues are aware that if they are not fair to New York, New Jersey and the Northeast, if disaster hits their area next time … that could boomerang on them,” the New York Democrat said Monday, according to the New York Daily News.

Schumer’s comments were his sternest yet on the consequences of slicing New York’s $42 billion aid request or attaching requirements known as offsets that would force the government to find a dollar to cut from the budget for every dollar appropriated for disaster relief.

House Republicans have called for all new spending to be balanced with offsets, but Schumer warned that such hardline politics could “set a precedent” that Republicans might regret. New York has had the backs of other states hit by natural disasters ranging from Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast to tornadoes in Missouri, Schumer said, “And now we need you.”

Cuomo acknowledged that the state faces an uphill battle to wrangle all of the money from Congress, but said he’s upbeat about the state’s chances. He said he got a message of support from House Speaker John Boehner.

“He was positive and I think it’s safe to say he was optimistic,” the Daily News quoted Cuomo as saying. “He wants to be supportive. … He understands the damage that was done.”

Boehner is waiting for President Obama to provide a specific funding proposal, Cuomo said. After avoiding Washington to mute speculation of a potential 2016 presidential run, Cuomo started his trip at the White House, where he met with members of Obama’s staff.

Cuomo and Schumer said it’s important to get a deal before the end of the year. Cuomo raised eyebrows last week when he didn’t commit to visiting Washington after New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the trip without him. Cuomo said Monday that he decided to go after he met with the congressional delegation to go over the specifics of his request.


4 comments on “New York senator issues warning on Sandy relief

  1. enginecom

    The state of NY should put up some of their own money in matching funds. The feds are just going to add that to our national debt unless they can cut it from somewhere else. The country is essentially broke. The GOP can’t be held responsible for all the budget problems in DC. If the POTUS would face reality on spending and taxes first maybe we can recover from the demoncrat’s overspending. Shumer is just another demoncrat hack who wants to spend the country into oblivion. Maybe those who had homes in storm surge zones are told not to rebuild better serve those who have to face the next Sandy.

  2. Chuck Schumer

    We scratched your back, now scratch ours. Nothing like a natural disaster to keep the hog trough open for business, right fellas?

  3. AnonymousBob

    enginecom writes: “The GOP can’t be held responsible for all the budget problems in DC.”
    You crack me up!! The previous Republican president started the spending spree when he erased the Clinton surplus and then got us into 2 wars that were “off the books” and unpaid for. He instituted tax cuts that created even more of a deficit and basically doubled the national debt during his tenure. If he’d left things alone, there would be no national debt and we’d rolling merrily along.
    Your delusions about Republicans as the party of small government are laughable. The federal and state government payrolls have shrunk by at least 600k people since Obama has been in office.
    You really need to change the channel from Fox “News” and take off your blinders.
    You’re scary – and wrong!!!

  4. DMBOS

    Wish we did not waste all that money now ! Maybe this flood insurance should be re-examined or maybe means tested. Maybe we should not live so close to the shore. and so close to “High Tide”
    But we will probably just kick the can down the road – Don’t any of our public officials have any courage ??

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