Northern California group sets vote on NMMA merger

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The Northern California Marine Association is holding a special meeting next week so members can vote on a proposed merger with the National Marine Manufacturers Association as well as a takeover of the association’s boat show assets.

Last summer the NMMA merged with the Southern California Marine Association and assumed production of that group’s three boat shows.

“The difficult and complex economic climate of the past few years has presented ongoing challenges to NCMA and our members,” stated a letter to NCMA members obtained by Soundings Trade Only.

“We suspended production of boat shows in the last two years in response to the market and to conserve financial resources,” the letter also said.

The NCMA’s objective is to restart and revitalize shows in Northern California, but doing so requires a financial commitment the group can’t shoulder, the letter said.

“Although we understand possible concerns that NCMA might lose some of its unique identity with this integration we believe those concerns will be mitigated by the formation of an advisory board comprised of current NMCA board members to advise on show activities and areas of member interest in northern California,” the letter stated.

“We watched the unfolding of the integration of Southern California Marine Association and NMMA, which occurred earlier this year, and we have liked the feedback we have heard so far from the recreational marine community,” the letter said.

If approved, all 72 Northern California Marine Association members would qualify for boat show credits in 2013 and 2014 and paid NMMA membership through May 31, 2015.

The letter, signed by Northern California Marine Association board president Leonard Lee and board treasurer Gary Clausen, said the vote will take place Dec. 18.

— Reagan Haynes


One comment on “Northern California group sets vote on NMMA merger

  1. BayBoater

    Finally, something that the NCMA has done right! But “conserve financial resources”, ha! Yeah, right! The bafoons in the NCMA have driven that organization into the ground. They have sucked all of the money out of the organization and have left a lifeless skeleton behind. They couldn’t accomplish anything, but they certainly kept collecting the member’s dues! They couldn’t pull off a successful boat show if someone gave them one. Please, bring on the NMMA so something positive can come of the NorCal boating industry! And one suggestion: Please do NOT retain any of the current board members as some sort of “consultants” or God forbid, board members, for the new organization! Please!

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