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Active Interest Media’s Marine Group announced that Bob Bauer, of Portsmouth, R.I., joined the Power & Motoryacht and Soundings advertising sales teams as Northeast sales manager and David Parkinson, of Fort Lauderdale, joined the Power & Motoryacht advertising sales team as Florida and Caribbean display sales manager.

bauer0123Formerly the publisher of Yachting magazine, Bauer joins Power & Motoryacht and Soundings magazines with more than 22 years of experience in the marine publishing industry, including sales, marketing and event management.

An avid outdoorsman and accomplished yachtsman, Bauer has a deep understanding of both the marine and publishing industries.

“Having worked with Bob and competed against him I can honestly say there is no one better in this space,” AIM Marine Group publisher Gary DeSanctis said in a statement. “His knowledge of the industry, coupled with his drive and work ethic, will ensure his customers are presented with real solutions, while both Power & Motoryacht and Soundings maintain their growth and dominant positions in the marketplace.”

“Bauer’s deep understanding not only of the boating industry, but also his experience in the local boating marketplace, gives Soundings a competitive advantage along the East Coast,” Soundings associate publisher Sean O’Leary said in a statement. “He will make an immediate impact in his territory and continue to help our growth on the national level.”

parkinson0123Complementing Bauer’s efforts in the Northeast will be Parkinson, based in Fort Lauderdale. Parkinson is a marine industry and publishing veteran, including three years as the Southeast sales manager for Power & Motoryacht. He also has years of experience working in the marine electronics field, including Simrad Electronics and Krill Systems.

“David has the unique experience of sitting on both sides of the table, and his customers will benefit from his understanding of their business,” Power & Motoryacht publisher Arnie Hammerman said in a statement. “I am very happy to have David back on the Power & Motoryacht team.”

Power & Motoryacht is one of the top marine magazines in the country, read by the largest group of active powerboat buyers. Based in Essex, Conn., Power & Motoryacht strives to deliver the best editorial coverage of new boats, marine electronics and how-to knowledge to the reader.

Parkinson will be based out of Fort Lauderdale and can be reached at (954) 232-4064 or

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