Brunswick adds to Hatteras and Cabo layoffs

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Hatteras Yachts and Cabo Yachts announced another round of layoffs, the second since parent company Brunswick Corp. said the brands were up for sale earlier this month.

Another 40 people at the Hatteras and Cabo Yachts plant in New Bern, N.C., were told by officials Thursday that their jobs were cut, according to the New Bern Sun Journal.

A company release announcing the layoffs said the cuts came “as these brands continue to make adjustments to reflect market conditions,” the Sun Journal reported.

“Hourly employees were notified in person together as a group this morning; salaried employees were notified individually,” Brunswick spokesman Dan Kubera told the newspaper. “All affected employees were given additional information and offered assistance with any questions by our human resources staff.”

“I can’t speculate if there will be any further actions similar to this morning, but I can tell you that we will continue to manage to business conditions, which is what we have always done,” Kubera told the paper Thursday.

The sales process is “ongoing,” Kubera said, but he would not offer further comment.

The size of Hatteras’ workforce has fluctuated through the years and the New Bern plant nearly shut down in the winter of 2010 and 2011. Surviving with some rework jobs and new orders just in the nick of time, the company continued to refine its products. It rebuilt its work force to more than 500 employees before the recent cuts.

Hatteras reduced its work force by 105 on Jan. 3 and announced plans to sell the Hatteras and Cabo Yachts brands in its marine division.

The two rounds of layoffs mean that about 390 are currently employed at what was once Craven County’s largest private employer, with about 1,400 people.

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6 comments on “Brunswick adds to Hatteras and Cabo layoffs

  1. Wilbur

    This is what I have suspected for a long time. The cycle continues to run. Small companies started with passion and pride, they grow, get bought by Brunswick, Brunswick replaces all the boat building talent with cronies from Emerson electric and God knows where. Now the market dives and BC will spin them off as hollow entities who have forgotten who they are or where they came from. People wonder if BC is going to exit the marine business. Well folks, its happening right before your eyes. They are being exited. Now, the smaller private owned companies with boat building knowledge, talent, and passion are going to clean the clock of what is left of the BC companies. It has already started. BC has succeeded at ruining Sea Ray ? Are you kidding me ? That is like ruining BMW. There last little act of Running Rob Parmentier out of there is a perfect example. There are times when numbers really matter in the boat business, but people always matter more.

  2. Ed Chapdelaine

    Brunswick will forever be known as the corporation that took down and ruined Hatteras Yacht Mfg Co. Another US manufacturing company “bites the dust” due to incompetant executives, poor management and lack of knowledge about the product and the market. Gone the way of Chris Craft,Bertram & Tollycraft and for the same reasons, what a shame.

  3. Yachtsea1

    Didn’t Brunswick ruin a couple of boat companies in the late 1960’s ? (Owens) This is not the first time Brunswick has been through this, just wait until Sea Ray starts losing market share.

  4. Boater2

    Lets not forget the famed purchase of Sea Pro for $60million or something, that was shuttered after just a few years. Maxim-shut down. Trophy, not sure they still exist, don’t remember seeing them lately at shows. Bayliner, only thing left in the US are the runabouts. SR did a very poor job in the jet boat market a few years ago, now it’s rumored they are getting back in that segment.

    I’m just guessing that Hatteras will have a dismal Miami Show after these recent announcements.

    They always say, timing is everything.

  5. john ennis

    Brunswick is one of the worst companies in the nation. It buys and trashes boat companies quicker then you change socks. Boiycott of Brunswick products is in order.

  6. Joe Reidel

    All industries and businesses go through cycles. The economy has hurt the boating industry over all. BUT the mark of a great company on what and how they address those cycles. Many companies loss their way, like Chris Craft and Sea Ray. The difference is Sea Ray is controlled by a corporation that apparently has no soul or passion for what they are doing. Chris Craft has reached the bottom and is starting over. The boating manufactures need to have a better business plan, one that understands the dealers and their needs. Stronger partnerships will result in better outcomes.

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