Burdensome rules crimp yacht industry in Chinese city

Posted on Written by Michael LaBella

The yacht-manufacturing industry in Xiamen, China, has seen $48 million in exports, accounting for almost 33 percent of the total figure in China.

But although the manufacturing sector flourishes, boating has become a “bottleneck for the whole industry in the city due to its cumbersome procedures,” WhatsOnXiamen.com quoted the Xiamen Yachting Industry Association as reporting.

China lacks integrated policies and regulations for yachting management, so boating has to conform to shipping rules.

The cumbersome procedures have put a chill on boating in the city, making the more than 200 yachts berthed in the Wuyuan Bay Yacht Dock almost docked “ornaments” year-round, according to the Xiamen Road & Bridge Yachts Development Co.

Xiamen has pushed its yacht industry forward in recent years with the use of the Xiamen Xiangshan International Yacht Club and Wuyuan Bay Yacht Dock. Now it plans to build five or six docks to drive a new wave of growth in its yacht industry.

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One comment on “Burdensome rules crimp yacht industry in Chinese city

  1. Carl M

    The same is happening here in USA, as of the first of the year, regarding small (under 60 ft.) ecotour boats, water taxi’s, sightseeing boats in protected waters restricted up to 2 .5 ft (up to 5 ft. in real world) significant wave height routes & less. All new built boats must now meet the same construction & design criteria as those used to build boat that are up to 200 ft long & meet the 2 g hull inpact rating. To get to that force a boat would have to sustain a 16 ft wave in a real situation. These situations can not occure because the boats are restricted by COI to a 2.5 significant wave).
    Our government at work to make us safer??????????????

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